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TROTT (Training Racehorses Off The Track) at Santa Anita Race Track Celebrates Kentucky Derby

Nick Nolte takes in the Kentucky Derby at Arcadia's Santa Anita Race Track - Photo by Terry Miller

TROTT (Training Racehorses Off The Track) was launched January 2010, and as a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, owners can donate their retiring horses. At Santa Anita racetrack Saturday, in celebration of the Kentucky Derby, a party was held honoring and raising funds for the unique organization.

Elizabeth Booth spends some quality time with Luke Perry Saturday - Photo by Terry Miller

Actor Luke Perry emceed the event. As is tradition, hats were in no short supply for the Derby.
The high quality Thoroughbreds are typically 2-6 years old, and many sold for $60K- $350K as yearlings.

Carolyn Conley from HRTV watches the Kentucky Derby with actor Nick Nolte - Photo by Terry Miller

Once they retire from an injury, or just from lack of speed, TROTT is there to ready them for adoption with a lot of loving R&R.
Nick Nolte was also on hand to watch the races and support Trott. Nolte and Dustin Hoffman are filming a new HBO series LUCK at the track – The season premier of LUCK has yet to be announced.
Photos by Terry Miller

Beauty at the races _Photo by Terry Miller

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May 7, 2011

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  1. Ames says:

    FYI…The Hat contest was RIGGED. Convenient how the “Judge” was the owner of Del Mar Hat Co. and she picked all the winners from HER table who got their cheap hats at her shop. I had a “Hat by Hazel” that WAS actually worn at the Kentucky Derby and looked MUCH classier than any of the other hats. I was surprised she has any time to “judge” a hat contest as she was too busy flirting and canoodling with Luke Perry.

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