Arcadia Firefighters Help Raise Money and Spirits of Families Affected by Kenwood Apartments Fire Last Week

Arcadia Firefighters have set up a major fundraising effort to help those affected by last week’s fire. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Terry Miller

Scores of residents were displaced after an early morning roof fire tore through their apartment complex in Arcadia early last Thursday.

The fire was initially reported around 6 a.m. at the apartment building in the 800 block of Fairview Avenue at the Kenwood Apartment building.

In addition to the fire and smoke, firefighters had to contend with extreme temperatures and high humidity which caused several firefighters to be transported to hospital with heat exhaustion.

As a result of that fire last week, over 40 people have lost their homes and are being assisted by friends, loved ones and the Red Cross.

In addition to that, the very people who put out the fire have started a fundraising effort to help those most severely affected by the fire.

The Arcadia Firefighters’ Association (AFFA) is leading fundraising efforts to provide aid for the families displaced by the fire at the Kenwood Apartments. All the proceeds will go to the nearly 40 residents affected by the fire which occurred in the 800 block of Fairview Avenue on the morning of August 3.

The AFFA has set up an account for the Fairview Fire Families Fundraiser and is accepting monetary donations via mail.

Checks for the Fairview Fire Families can be made out to Arcadia Firefighters Relief Fund and mailed to Arcadia Fire Fighters Association, PO Box 661865, Arcadia, CA 91066. Donors can also give online via GoFundMe at

The Association will work with the American Red Cross to determine the displaced residents’ needs and use that information to decide how the money is distributed.

In addition, on August 14, Matt Denny’s Ale House Restaurant located at 45 E. Huntington Drive in Arcadia, will set aside 25 percent of all proceeds from 11 a.m. to closing for the families affected by the fire. For additional information, please contact the Arcadia Firefighters Association at

August 10, 2017

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