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Arcadia High Student Gets $40,000 Scholarship from Edison International

Photos by Terry Miller

Photos by Terry Miller

Arcadia High Student Wins $40,000 Scholarship from Edison

Arcadia High School student, Brandon Carone was surprised with a $40,000 scholarship he has won courtesy of Edison International on Friday morning. Representatives from Edison and his mother Mary suddlendly appeared out on nowhere during his tutoring program working with other students. Mr. Carone entered a contest sponsored by Edison that assists excellent students with a rather substantial college fung grant. He will be double majoring at UCLA next year in Music Composition and Biological Science (he will be pursuing a career in medicine).

He is a section leader on the World Line Ensemble (elite division) in the High School’s prestigious music program, and has a 3.7 gpa with numerous AP courses. He is on the water polo and track teams, and he co-founded a tutoring program at the high school after having learning issues early on in his academic career. He will be studying medicine because three of his grandparents died from cancer, and he fell in love with music after his grandfather handmade an accordion for him when he was 5.
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April 17, 2015

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