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2014 Brings the 10th Chinese American Film Festival

Dawi Tong


Some of the luminaries out to celebrate Chinese-American cinema (Dawi Tong, top photo) – Courtesy photos

The annual Chinese American Film Festival, which is organized by American Eagle Dragon Media Co, LTD., and supported by the China State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, Consulate-General of China in Los Angeles, Consulate-General of China San Francisco and The Motion Picture Association of America, held a grand opening ceremony and grand award the “Golden Angel Awards” at The Pasadena Civic Auditorium on November 4th. There were more than 3,000 Chinese and American celebrities who attended the activities to celebrate this wonderful event. This is the 10th anniversary of the festival, which was founded in 2005. This film festival has already become a cultural exchange tool between the Chinese and Americans; it also promotes the friendships between the two countries.
The film festival organizing committees also promoted this event in more than ten universities and museum by holding lectures, screening, and academic exchanges to show China’s excellent TV series. There are lots of outstanding Chinese television series that the West is only now learning about.
During the film festival, the organizing committee of EDI CEO James Su, USA Congress Zhao Meixin, American Film Association President of Asia Pacific Region Mike Ellis, the CEO of China Film Group Corporation Mr. La Peikang, and Consulate-General of China in Los Angeles representative Liu Jian all gave speeches to express their expectations of the festival and hope the event can elevate China and the US’s cooperation in film industry.
The film festival will broadcast worldwide in China Beijing TV, the US, Europe, Asia, and other online platforms. There will be more than 50 countries and regions able to watch the event.
During the 200 candidate movies, the CEO of China Film Group Corporation Mr. La Peikang (as the Chinese partner’s party) won the Best Movie Award with the movie “American Dream In China.” Ms. Zhao Wei received Best Actress with the movie “The Dear” and Mr. Huang Xiaoming won Best Actor with the movie “American Dream in China.” Mr. Tong Dawei and Ms. Ma Su won best Actor and Actress in a Supporting Role in the movie “American Dream in China” and “Breakup Buddies.” In addition, movies “Brotherhood of Blades,” “Brotherhood of Blades,” “Phurbu & Tenzin,” “Old Boy?The Way of the Dragon,” “Baby Sorry,” “The Floating Shadow,” “The Story of Mao Zedong and Qi Baishi,” “The Golden Era,” “My Old Classmate,” and “The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom,” won prizes for the No. 10th Golden Angel Award. Furthermore, the state of radio, film and television news in China authorized and certified five of the most popular and outstanding Chinese youth and talent directors: Ning Hao, Cheng Sicheng, Xiao Yang, Guo Fan, and Lu Yang.
Many film industry luminaries, such as director Luc Besson, Rob Cohen, Rob Minkoff Ning Hao, Cheng Sicheng, Shangjin, Lu Yang, Xiao Yang, Chen Sicheng, Xue Xiaolu, Guo Fan, Wu Tiange, Fu Dongyu; actors and actress such as Steven Segal, Zou Zhaolong, Tang Guoqiang, Xu Xiaoming, Hai Qing, Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei, Yanni, Lin Yongjian, Mao Yongming, He Jie, Peng Dan, Ma Su, Gao Yalin, Hong Jiantao, Chun Ni, Zhang Yuji, Zhou Dongqi, Li Yan, An Zehao, Lan Yan; singers such as Terri Nunn; and music producer Peter Rafelson, all came out to celebrated the Chinese American Film Festival.
Many movie industries and studios were attracted and attended the event as well, such as famous China Film Group Corporation, HuaXia Film Distribution Co., LTD, ChangChun Film Group Co., Ltd, Tianjin North Film Group, ZhuJiang Film Group, Central Studio of News Reels Production, Shanghai Film Group, Bona Film Group, DMG Film Group, Sunshine Seven Star Entertainment Media Group, IDG Film Group, SMI Cooperation, Desen International Media Co.,Ltd, Goldsome Pictures, Dream GuoSheng culture Media co.,Ltd, Chinese Film Association and well-known Hollywood studios such as Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Destiny, Sony, Universal, Imax, Dream Work Studios, The Motion Picture Association of America, and many independent studio companies.
All in all, the 10th Annual Chinese American Film Festival was a glowing success.

November 13, 2014

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