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A Summer Night at a Los Angeles Dodger Game

There is something special about sharing a summer night with 50,000 enthusiastic people at a Los Angeles Dodger game. Not only is the experience exciting and fun, but it also bubbles with a sense of community that can only be found in a national pastime such as baseball.

And if you can share the game while sitting in The Dugout Club area at least once, like I did, then things are even better.

My getaway began Monday night, when a friend and I arrived at Dodger Stadium to see the first place Dodgers battle the first place St. Louis Cardinals. After parking in the giant lot we walked into the arena and took escalators down to The Dugout Club, where we found a hip and exclusive buffet restaurant and bar area teeming with baseball fans and a few celebrities.

Since all the gourmet food is included with purchase of a Dugout Club ticket, we grabbed plates and enjoyed fresh-made linguini with clams, roast beef, Cesar salad, carnitas tacos, and of course Dodger dogs. While eating we bought a couple beers and listened to Vin Scully prepare the game on TV.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we walked out the room to our seats.

Named by USA Today last year as the best seat in the National League, the best premium seat in Major League Baseball, and third-best overall seat in MLB, The Dugout Club is must-sit-and-see experience for any baseball fan. I’m a casual fan and I was blown away by the area’s views and proximity to the field, as well as by the chef-prepared gourmet food served inside the club.

“These are the best seats I ever been in,” said my friend Gary, who sat beside me, and who has watched games at more than 10 major league stadiums.  “We were so close to the action, we could hear fastballs wiz to the plate and talk to players on the field without yelling.”

He’s not kidding. Our fifth-row seats, located about 10 feet from the on-deck circle, we were actually closer to the catcher than the pitcher standing on the mound. They were so good, my mom saw me on television whenever a foul ball flew behind the catcher.

The only two seats in baseball that were rated higher than the Dugout Club were at Boston’s Fenway Park, and Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Even though the Dodgers lost the game 3 to 2, everyone seemed to have a great time. When it was over, we went inside The Dugout Club for the popular one-hour post-game martini party. This celebration is a great way to let parking ease up.

The Dodgers wrap up the regular season on October 4 at home, but with the way they are playing, the team will probably go far in the post season. Ticket prices range from $9 for top deck seats to about $500 for the very best. Parking is $15. For more info on seeing a game, ticket prices and The Dugout Club, visit:

August 20, 2009

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