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Burger Continental closed by Pasadena Health Dept.


Numerous “Critical violations” observed including “all life stages of cockroaches”

By Terry Miller
Burger Continental, a Mediterranean restaurant in Pasadena, has served its last supper for a while after Dr. Eric Walsh, Director of the Pasadena Health Department’s inspectors discovered several grave health code violations during an inspection of the long time facility on South Lake last week.
An apparent “routine inspection” on Aug. 28, found health department officials citing the restaurant for having cockroaches, unsafe food temperatures well above the standard 41 degrees, improper cleaning and sanitation, “gross contamination of food preparation surfaces, improper disposal of liquid waste and improper hand washing.”
The initial 7 page reports points out that such items as eggs were at 58 degrees and meatballs in the same bakery area at 50 degrees. The owners Harry and Garabet Hindoyan were cited and their health permit suspended due to ” imminent health hazard.”
From ” vermin infestation, inability to clean and sanitize, improper disposal of liquid waste, gross contamination of food prep surfaces , you must closed and remain closed until written approval of Environmental Health Division to re-open.
In addition to the food contamination and vermin, officials also found structural violations such as a resurfaced floor which needs immediate attention. Walk in freezers also has stagnant water. There were also numerous holes in walls and ceilings.
The extensive list of violations also included mildew on their ice machine.
In addition to the noted health violations one of the owners allegedly interfered with a Health Enforcement officer…” Gary yelled and made statements such as stop taking pictures…” according to Erik Cheng, Pasadena Environmental Health Specialist.
Gary Hindoyan was also served with a notice to appear at Pasadena Superior Court on Oct 29 at 8:30 am to answer the charges that he was operating a food facility without a Health Permit.

September 9, 2013

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  1. Goe Nads says:

    I am sorry to hear this, nice people, great all you can eat lunch was best Med around. You see a a lot of est places getting picked off in Pasadena. Ofelia Cavazos Edmondson + William Kimurra + Eric Walsh of the Health Dept. have all committed Crimes of Public Health threat violations in conjunction with bald face racketeering on 2194 Corson St 91107 scandal shows the Entire Health Dept. to be operating outside the Law as it suits the Pasadena Organization Pyramid Scandal which Michael Beck is the CEO of.
    See Google “Pasadena Ca Health Dept 2194”

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