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Business Profile: 5 Star Film Locations

Mansion - Photo by Amy Takhmazyan

Mansion – Photo by Amy Takhmazyan

By J. Shadé Quintanilla

5 Star Film Locations is a full service film location agency that provides production companies with the perfect location for their upcoming movie, music video, commercial and any other project. From beautiful mansions with ocean views, rundown houses to funky warehouses and junkyards, the agency represents thousands of properties around the Los Angeles area that can help fulfill any filmmaker’s creative vision. Not in the film industry? The Glendale-based 5 Star Film Locations also helps homeowners generate extra income by allowing them to easily sign up to be a part of the company’s extensive property database.

Owned and run by Amy Takhmazyan and her partner (he wishes not to be named), 5 Star Film Locations first opened for business in 2008 after a location scout from the network TNT expressed interest in her partner’s father’s Beverly Hills mansion. After realizing how much money homeowners can make from renting out their properties, Takhmazyan’s partner’s father started 5 Star Film Locations. Through advertisements, word of mouth and even by going door-to-door to different houses, the agency now represents close to 4,000 properties.

5 Star Film Locations makes the search for the perfect film backdrop very simple. Production companies can go onto the agency’s website and find a location through a user-friendly search engine within a matter of seconds. Every search result comes with property details and professional photos. If a company is interested in a location, they can contact 5 Star Film Locations either through phone or email and schedule an appointment to view the property in person.

Modern House. - Photo by Amy Takhmazyan

Modern House. – Photo by Amy Takhmazyan

Homeowners and business owners who looking to make extra money are encouraged to list their properties through 5 Star Film Locations. Listing a home on the agency’s website is completely free, and if an owner is unable to take photos of his or her property, the company will send a professional photographer to take photos for free.

5 Star Film Locations looks for all kinds of properties, whether a mansion in an exclusive neighborhood or a small office with cubicles.

“It’s not always nice houses that my clients are looking for. Believe it or not, most of my clients for the typical commercial are looking for that little classic all-American house, and a lot of times, they’re looking for a lot of rundown locations for a lot of scary movies,” said Takhmazyan. “There’s no really specific type of look my clients look for. It could really be anything.”

According to Takhmazyan, property owners can make anything between $1,000 to $30,000 per day of shooting. One of her clients, an owner of a modern house in Beverly Hills, was able to make $40,000 for one and a half days of a commercial shooting. Even more, if owners rent out their houses or commercial properties for 14 days or less, it’s tax-free.

Whether you’re looking for the best location to complete your creative vision, or looking to generate extra income, 5 Star Film Locations will help you with what you need.

For more information, go to or call the office at (323) 654-3900.

Warehouse - Photo by Amy Takhmazyan

Warehouse – Photo by Amy Takhmazyan

January 14, 2016

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