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CEMALA Prodigies from Arcadia and Sierra Madre Return From European Tour

Group photo. – Courtesy Photo / CEMALA

By Andoni Zorbas

How do you get to perform at the most prestigious cities in Europe such as Budapest, Vienna and Prague? Local 13-year-old violin prodigies Paula Buchanan, Kaitlin Chow, and 9-year-old prodigies Ava Tandya and Carina Zhu all have an answer to that question: practice.

All of these local prodigies are honored and very proud to have been able to perform on a European Concert Tour visiting Prague, Budapest and Vienna with their music school CEMALA (Classical European Music Academy Los Angeles).

Concert. – Courtesy photo / CEMALA

Under the direction of Magdolna Berezvai, these young virtuosos practiced hard for this performance, as they have never experienced the cascading monuments, and the refined classical culture of Budapest, Prague and Vienna. They were also extremely happy to visit the Parliament of Budapest, which has spectacular architecture.

This Concert Tour made them open their eyes by taking them back to the historical place where quality music was born.

“This tour was such an amazing eye opener for me. I never would have imagined playing my violin … in amazing venues in all three cities. I feel like going back and I could not thank enough the people who were all there for me to make this trip happen!” Paula explained.

“The tour was an unforgettable experience. I will never forget the memories I was able to make with my friends and orchestra, and I want to thank everyone who supported me to be able to have this experience,” shared Kaitlin Chow.

As students of the CEMALA orchestra, all four students have seen their talent take them to places far beyond their local residences such as the White House, Iceland, Carnegie Hall, Disneyland and also performed for the LA Lakers basketball team as well.

“I loved the food, the concerts and the fun we all had,” exclaimed Carina Zhu.

It was certainly a unique experience for these young virtuosos to visit the countries where classic music was born. To be exposed to the rich culture of Eastern Europe and to learn from the culture was certainly a once in a lifetime experience for these musicians. Everyone was captivated by the outstanding and extraordinarily rich spirit of each country. The magical architecture mesmerized each and every single member of the concert tour.

Ava Tandya also had advice for other children eager to take up the violin: “Never stop practicing!”

July 2, 2019

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