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Skip the Seasonal Stress With Holiday Celebration Club

Holiday Celebration Club owner Martha LaCroix

Jazz singer Martha LaCroix founded Holiday Celebration Club as an alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to cook, clean or plan to enjoy a holiday or milestone. – Courtesy photo

By Emily G. Peters

Many of us spend holidays and milestones surrounded by friends and family. Yet for those seeking an alternative to the norm, L.A.-based Holiday Celebration Club has put together a whole new way to party.

Holiday Celebration Club creates “major fun for major holidays without major stress,” opening up events for anyone with or without family connections. During holidays like Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and more, members meet at select locations throughout Los Angeles for good food, dancing, games and live entertainment.

The club was formed by Brooklyn-raised Martha LaCroix, a jazz vocalist and entertainer. While on tour during holidays in Los Angeles, LaCroix frequently found herself separated from her friends and family—but soon found a solution with a fellow sojourner from Chicago.

“Neither of us could get home for holidays, so we would meet at her house or mine and invite others,” said LaCroix. “She went back to Chicago and I continued on in Los Angeles taking an approach that concentrated on business professionals: people who are on tour, traveling, or not necessarily the homebody or love-to-cook type.”

Now, Holiday Celebration Club events gather musicians from all over the Southland for rousing performances for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more. Each holiday is open not just to wayward travelers, but to anyone who wants to celebrate without stress.

“We provide a chance a chance for anyone to experience a wholesome interactive family experience,” explained LaCroix. “Stepparents who have children spending special days with an estranged spouse, people just coming off major projects or finals—or anyone who doesn’t want to think or plan, just play!”

Besides family togetherness, Holiday Celebration Club has another cause close to its heart. LaCroix and her HCC members host an annual fundraiser to aid the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, recently raising $7,000 at their 2016 gathering.

“The suicide prevention project is a meaningful and inspirational event,” said LaCroix. “Artists from all over the city come not only to perform but to give their own testimonies on how suicide prevention has affected their lives. Amazing stories!”

Now, as we enter the summer season, forward thinkers can make free to mark their calendars to spend an upcoming holiday with the HCC crew. The only requisite? To enjoy celebrating together no matter what your circumstance.

“We don’t make a distinction between attending as a family or attending individually,” said LaCroix. “Our demographic is the same that attends a wedding: young, old, disabled, not disabled, visually impaired, 20/20 eyesight, etc. It’s a good time either way!”

Based in Harbor City, Holiday Celebration Club serves clients all over Los Angeles. Contact them at | (310) 784-5080 | and follow them on Facebook @HolidayCelebrationClub.

June 27, 2017

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