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Larry Carlton’s Arcadia Gig Extraordinary


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By Terry Miller

Mr. 335 (aka Larry Carlton) is arguably the foremost jazz/rock/blues guitar player working today. On Saturday night at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center, Carlton fans were in for a truly extraordinary treat which surpassed any expectations one may have had.

Playing his signature Gibson ES 335, complete with “Mr. 335” embossed on the head stock, Carlton seemed to be one with his instrument for an incredibly powerful and energetic set.

Quiet-spoken Carlton performed two exquisite, solo works before bringing on the rest of his band: keys, bass, and drums.

It was an outstanding lineup of some of the tightest musicians anywhere in the world, right here in Arcadia Saturday. What a delight!

If I said Carlton and his band were ‘flawless’ on Saturday that would be a severe gross understatement.

They were astounding together as a unit and individually remarkably talented and confident musicians.

Carlton did not disappoint this huge fan, especially when he played “Josie” from Steely Dan’s Aja album. He joked that he hated playing that particular song; he was kidding. However on a recent tour of Europe, Carlton woke up to a review of the previous night’s show that said exactly that. Carlton was kidding.

From remarkably powerful blues to Sleepwalk, Minute by Minute, and many other Carlton classics, Larry Carton had the audience transfixed.

The inevitable encore consisted of two more brilliant tunes Carlton carefully chose.

From an early age, Carlton has delighted listeners with his seamless, melodic, and impeccable style that is instantly recognizable as Carlton’s.

For more information on Larry Carlton visit his website at

Man, what a night! Larry, come back to Acadia soon … please!

January 23, 2017

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