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“Pipino’s” is a Weekend Delight!

(L-R) Still of Ronnie Marmo and Danny Cistone during locker room talk.
–Courtesy photo by Doren Sorell


By Vanessa Quintanilla

February is clearly a month of celebrating love, staying indoors and even cozying up to a warm beverage. So why not combine all of these enjoyments at Theatre 68? Now through March 4, Sam Henry Kass’ Off-Broadway Comedy, “Lusting After Pipino’s Wife,” will be in production Saturdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. Produced and directed by Ronnie Marmo, this 90-minute, two-act performance is about the never-ending battle of the sexes. Starring Ronnie Marmo (Vinnie), Danny Cistone (Patsy), Katy Jacoby (Lorraine) and Alexis Brandt (Rita), two pair of friends discuss men, women and life, as they know it. You won’t want to miss this sidesplitting play!

The moment the doors opened, I could tell the production had intended to take the audience back into time once 80s dance music filled the room. Once everyone was seated, I could hear people around me singing to the tunes, tapping their feet to the beat and dancing in their seats. Great songs by Madonna, Blondie, Michael Jackson, Cindi Lauper, A-Ha, George Michael and many more were played throughout the performance.

Set in the 1980s—with music, attire and props—“Lusting After Pipino’s Wife” pulled off a simple, yet persuasive, performance with east coast vibes. Composed of short scenes, the characters were well developed along the way. Opening with Vinnie, the arrogant manager of the restaurant, and Patsy, a bartender there and a door-to-door shoe salesman, the men’s friendship is immediately established as they talk over drinks. Soon after, Lorraine and Rita are introduced. Lorraine, a paralegal, and Rita, a social worker, are good friends that are found eating lollipops and conversing. After having an unenthusiastic run-in with Vinnie, tempestuous Lorraine proceeds with vengeance to keep Rita from marrying Patsy. Lorraine assumes Patsy is the same unromantic womanizer she has witnessed Vinnie to be.

(L-R) Still of Katy Jacoby and Alexis Brandt during a session of girl talk.
–Courtesy photo by Doren Sorell


From spot-on costume designs to witty dialogue, I was impressed by the entire production! The actors did a great job delivering their lines and moving quickly during transitioning scenes. Although Pipino, his wife and Lorraine’s therapist are unseen characters, descriptions and anecdotes of them helped to advance the main characters’ personalities.

Whether your want to attend this event on Date Night, or with a group of friends, please be mindful that this fun performance is intended for mature audiences. Theatre 68 is located at 5112 Lankershim Blvd., N Hollywood, CA 91601 and general admission is $25. Further production and ticket information is available at and

February 12, 2017

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