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“Simple Love,” the new single by Emiko releases on Jan. 17


Emiko posing with her instruments. – Courtesy photo by Matt Grashaw

Emiko posing with her instruments. – Courtesy photo by Matt Grashaw


On the heels of her last single “Call To Arms,” comes international recording artist Emiko’s latest success, “Simple Love.”

Taking a sharp left from her dalliance with slick pop, a warm, ardent ovation to love in its purest form will pull at your heartstrings and stay with you.

But make no mistake, despite the departure in style, this is Emiko, through and through, coming full circle. Her signature rich chord progressions and sweeping melodic style are intact to take you on a journey into a story you think you know, or wish you did.

The talents of producer and fellow Hammond Organ artist Ric Cabot Podmore, illuminate the music with angelic harmonies and robust strings to accompany her skills both vocally and on the piano. It will sonically fill your soul with a longing for this kind of Simple Love.

“It’s about the purest form of love you can feel,” says Emiko. “I wrote it for my son. Plain and simple.”

“When I heard ‘Simple Love’, I knew immediately it was going to be pivotal point for Emiko’s career and that it needed to be delivered in a very unique and intimate way,” says Podmore of the production.

Limited advance copies of the track have already garnered tremendous acclaim from industry insiders including:

“This is the most genuine track I have ever heard from Emiko,” say Steve Lillywhite, multiple Grammy Award winning producer (U2, Jason Mraz, The Rolling Stones).

“Perfectly brilliant. Amazing! I love it!” Matt Barker, UK radio presenter

For press inquiries and advance copies of the single, contact Adrienne Borgersen. Pre release available at for a limited time. Official worldwide release on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora and more, Jan. 17.

Emiko endorses Hammond Organ, Alesis, Gibson Guitars, Baldwin Pianos,

On-Stage Stands Blue Microphones, Lampifier, and StarrLabs Technologies.

Follow Emiko at @emikomusic (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)

December 29, 2016

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