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We Need to Dump Our Owner Financed Note!

If you see tornado clouds forming on the horizon, chances are you’re going to grab a flashlight and a box of crackers, (and some wine and cheese to go with) and head for the cellar.  That is, unless you’re like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, who peddles along absolutely clueless, but with a nice…


Indecent Exposure

“Get your clothes on, Ethel!”  I’m wanting to say that line came from a song inspired by the streaking culture in the ’70s. I’m sure many people were offended by the 500 nude participants at the University of Maryland in 1973 that started the whole phenomenon, and the rash of streaking incidents that followed. In…


Collecting Shells before a Tsunami

I’ve never witnessed a tsunami first hand, but I’ve been told that before the devastating wall of water devours everything in its path, like a hungry sea beast charging in for a glorious feast, there are a few moments in time that seem quite magical to the innocent and unsuspecting. The water line temporarily recedes,…


Wrapping a Construction Loan

Even though it makes a ton of common sense, I was surprised to hear that the bank was going to work with this investor, who got stuck in the eye of the lending crisis. Here’s what she sent me: “I’m trying to find out how I can owner finance my property and still give my…


When Your Soul is on Fire

Perhaps our souls are burning along with the forest as we experience the shock, sadness, anger, fear and confusion of watching the mountains, once rich with life, turn desolate moonscape. In a stupor of smoke, we watch homes evaporate, and wonder if ours might be next.  With ravaged hearts, we mourn brave heros, and imagine…


Creating a Good Note to Sell

Many sellers of commercial properties and high end homes are turning to seller financing in today’s market.  The financing just isn’t as available for these properties the way it used to be. Here is a recent email I received: “Dear Dawn, My name is John, and I believe what I am attempting to do is…


Just Take Over My Payments

“We just don’t want our property any more . . . it’s too much stress. We’re tired of being soaked by the bank, and we’re not going to send them another dime.” This frustrated woman and her husband bought a penthouse condo in Pasadena just above Cal Tech for $510,000 two to three years ago….


I Need to Fire My Realtor

Knowing about, and being comfortable with, seller financing is increasingly becoming an important skill set for real estate professionals.   Here’s an email I received and responded to recently: Dawn,  I would like to carry up to 90% of the loan on my property and be the banker.  My property is currently listed at $1,547,000, and…

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