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ALL PRO Health Center

Some of the ALL PRO Health Center team includes skilled doctors of chiropractic, massage therapists, acupuncturists and administrators. – Photo by Emily G. Peters


By Emily G. Peters

An image of Blake Griffin and your doctor is a pretty great endorsement, whatever medical treatment you’re seeking. At Arcadia’s ALL PRO Health Center, the photo serves as a sign to patients (athletes or otherwise) that powerful healing is within their reach.

ALL PRO Health Center has been a labor of love for Dr. Charles Feng, a certified athletic trainer and doctor of chiropractic in Arcadia. Establishing his career as the director of fitness at Arcadia Fitness Sports Club, Feng went on to work with top-level athletes all over Los Angeles, deepening his mastery of treating musculoskeletal conditions.


ALL PRO Health Center in Arcadia offers exceptional service, treatment and evaluation of any musculoskeletal condition. They aim to “get the injured healthy and to keep the healthy well.” – Photo by Emily G. Peters


“In addition to being part of UCLA Sports Medicine, I worked within the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Organization as well as the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club,” said Feng, who founded ALL PRO Health Center in 2008. “I wanted to form a multidisciplinary health facility that offered a combination of cutting-edge technology with sound effective manual therapy.”

Within walking distance of the Metro, the center is warm, welcoming and fully equipped with multiple private treatment rooms. Feng employs an all-star staff of chiropractors, massage therapists, administrators and an acupuncturist for complete treatment options. Services include everything from chiropractic treatment to massage, physical therapy, even customized foot orthotics. The ALL PRO team also offers complimentary consultations to determine the best path forward for each patient.

“Our licensed doctors of chiropractic, acupuncturists and massage therapists treat many conditions related to the nerves, muscles and joints including postural imbalances, headaches, sciatica, chronic pain and muscle spasms,” said Feng. “Our facility also offers pre-employment and athletic physicals in addition to urinalysis drug testing.”

The overarching theme of ALL PRO? Trust your body’s desire to heal. Rather than rushing for the prescription pad or scalpel, the ALL PRO team works to promote your body’s innate ability to recover from an injury or condition. Feng refers to this rebalancing as unlocking your body’s health potential.


Dr. Feng deepened his mastery healing musculoskeletal conditions by working with top-level athletes and sports organizations. – Photo by Emily G. Peters


“Our goal is to use natural methodologies and nutrition to treat the patient’s condition without the use of drugs or surgery,” he said. “By restoring the body’s natural capacity to heal itself, our patients can be healthier without the potentially harmful side effects of pharmaceutical interventions.”

With a patient base that includes athletes, colicky infants and the arthritic older generation, improving quality of life is the prime mover for Feng and his team. With so many people held back by injuries or conditions, ALL PRO Health Center allows others enjoy life more by making pain- and disease-free living a reality.

“We want to educate the public to consider conservative means first when faced with an injury, disease or condition,” said Feng. And with that goal in mind, ALL PRO’s bottom line is simple— “to get the injured healthy and keep the healthy well.”

ALL PRO Health Center is located at 202 S. First Ave. in Arcadia. Contact them at (626) 447-4888 | and follow them on Facebook @allprohealthcenterarcadia.

April 6, 2017

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  1. Sherrie Powell Russo says:

    I would like to educate Dr Feng that “physical therapy” is truly only provided by a licenced Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant. Perhaps the chiropractic and massage therapy world should stick with calling these interventions “modalities” so as not to confused the public.

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