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Business Profile: B Nutritious

- Photo by Amelia Favela

– Photo by Amelia Favela

By Amelia Favela

B Nutritious is a healthy meal prep service and restaurant that offers delivery, take-out, and catering. Brian Nguyen founded the business in 2014 as an online delivery service until opening his first restaurant location in his hometown El Monte in early 2015. Customers can find a variety of choices on the B Nutritious menu that assures them a healthy well-balanced meal.

The simple three-step ordering process starts with guests choosing their carbs that may include mashed yams, purple yams, potato wedges, or brown or jasmine rice. Step Two consists of selecting a protein that can be a chicken leg (dark meat), chicken breast (white meat), ground turkey, ground beef, tilapia, shrimp, salmon, or top sirloin. Lastly, customers choose their boiled veggies that range from broccoli, asparagus, spinach, green beans, or cabbage.

Guests who dine-in have more protein and veggie options such as swai, tofu, and bok choy; they also have the option of selecting house favorites that include different bowls, plates, and salads. For visitors who have a sweet tooth, Lily’s Lean Machine Whey Better pastries such as cookie dough truffles and s’mores, as well as SD Protein Company donuts, can also be found at the restaurant.

- Photo by Amelia Favela

– Photo by Amelia Favela

B Nutritious came to life three years after Nguyen began the fitness journey that changed his life. In February 2011, the El Monte native decided to make a major change to his lifestyle after coming to terms with the fact that he had gained more than 60 pounds in college. “I took a picture of myself, looked in the mirror, and I just wasn’t happy with how I looked,” said Nguyen. During his journey, the entrepreneur self-educated himself on fitness and nutrition and managed to completely transform his body within three years. After realizing “everything comes down to nutrition,” Nguyen used his acquired knowledge to give back to his community by establishing a service (B Nutritious) that pre-makes well-balanced meals for whoever wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The core value of the prep meal service is to promote a healthier way of life. Customers – anyone that wants to enjoy a tasty guiltless meal – will find a helpful and friendly staff at B Nutritious. The close-knit team of employees is readily available to help anyone who may need assistance in either choosing menu options or general fitness advice.

Owner Brian Ngueyn. - Photo by Amelia Favela

Owner Brian Ngueyn. – Photo by Amelia Favela

One of the challenges the Nguyen said he faces is finding the highly sufficient staff members essential for B Nutritious to thrive: “It’s important that I have employees that understand the purpose and core values of B Nutritious … which makes finding new additions to the team a struggle sometimes.”

Although Nguyen faces challenges as the sole owner of the company, it doesn’t discourage him or change his vision of B Nutritious someday becoming a franchise. “This is only the beginning, there’s a lot more to come, I promise you that.”

Contact B Nutritious at (626) 975-7524, or dine-in at 3311 Tyler Ave. El Monte, CA 91731. Instagram @bnutritiousmeals;

- Courtesy Photo

– Courtesy Photo

July 8, 2015

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