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Business Profile: CoKreeate – 3D Printing

Instagram picture of a 3D draft - Courtesy Photo

Instagram picture of a 3D draft – Courtesy Photo

CoKreeate, a 3D printing and scanning company based in Alhambra, was established in 2013 by the three co-founders William Co, his wife Jewelyn, and his younger brother Andy. William operates as the CEO, his brother Andy is the President, and Jewelyn the Vice President. The other CoKreeate team members are Ankit, a 3D modeler and artist, Jennifer Liu, the senior graphic designer, Ryan Aquino, director of public relations, and Novella Genelza, graphic designer.
The founders of CoKreeate weren’t always experts on everything 3D printing. Before founding CoKreeate, Will worked as a technician and engineer for a company that manufacturers surveillance cameras, Andy was a marketing manager for a surveillance camera company as well as a software development company, and Jewelyn worked in the social service field as a case manager.
In order to start their business, William, Jewelyn, and Andy taught themselves everything they needed to start their own 3D printing business.
During an overseas trip, Will stumbled upon a company that made 3D printed miniature replicas of people. He saw a place for the business model in the US market, but had no experience in 3D printing. William was determined not to let that stop him; and so began the co-founders’ self education.
Today, CoKreeate strives to be a one-stop-shop for any 3D-printing or 3D-scanning needs. They provide industrial grade 3D-scanning services for technical and creative projects, 3D design services, and 3D printing services and specialize in creating life-like, full-color custom ceramic figurines, 2D to 3D picture conversions, prototyping and reproduction, custom trophies, and wedding cake toppers. Additionally, they sell 3D printers, plastic filaments, and teach 3D printing classes.
CoKreeate believes in educating the public about the possibilities of 3D printing, and awakening their imaginations. Through 3D printing, they believe, people can see their ideas come to life.
CoKreeate is located at 410 West Main St., Unit 221, Alhambra CA 91801. Visit them online at: Twitter: @cokreeate, Instagram: @cokreeate,

January 15, 2015

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