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Business Profile: WolfPack Fitness

Co-founder Mark Sanchez. - Photo by Amelia Favela

Co-founder Mark Sanchez. – Photo by Amelia Favela

By Amelia Favela

“Work Out, Live Fearless,”those are the words that WolfPack Fitness founders Andrew Filimaua, Mark Sanchez, and Robert Romo live by. The trio established the fitness center in 2014 with the goal of changing people’s lives through fitness.Located in the founders’ hometown of El Monte, this workout center offers services with the ability to physically transform its members. Such services includeCrossFit classes composed of innovative workouts, personal training, weight training equipment, group training, nutritional coaching, Zumba, supplements, and premade meals containing essential micronutrients through the founders’ additional business, WolfMeals.

WolfPack Fitness came to life through the pre-existing CrossTraining class Next Level Up. With Andrew Filimaua as the instructor, the class quickly gained popularity and moved to a larger space shortly. The class continued to grow through word-of-mouth and eventually outgrew its second location. In need of more space, Filimaua, Sanchez, and Romo joined forces to open their own workout facility, WolfPack Fitness.

-Photo by Amelia Favela

-Photo by Amelia Favela

With the help of supporters, the owners were able to completely transform the building and hold thegrand opening of WolfPack Fitness only one month after finding its current location. “We’re very thankful to everyone who came out to support us,” said Sanchez.

The company’s core value is to improve the lives of its members by helping them overcome physical insecurities and ultimately embrace life without fear. “We get a lot of stories where people are really insecure, that effects their social lives, relationships, even at work… they’re in fear, fear of what they see in the mirror, that’s why our motto is WOLF, Work Out, Live Fearless,” said Sanchez.

Although WolfPack Fitness members typically range from early 20s to mid-40s, the center also welcomes members as young as five years old for a youth class called Young Alpha Athletics. “We’re addressing child obesity, which is very high in our state,” said Sanchez.The class is three times a week for children age five to 11 years old.

-Photo by Amelia Favela

-Photo by Amelia Favela

In regards to the company’schallenges, Sanchez said people sometimes feel intimidated by looking at the equipment. In efforts to overcome this issue, WolfPack Fitness offers a three-day free trial to allow prospective members to see that the classes are doable for anyone who puts in the effort.

A major goal for WolfPack Fitness is to install unique, overall performance athletic training programs into community high schools. “We want to offer a 12-week program where students are learning a new component every week,” said Sanchez. In addition to contributing to high schools, WolfPack Fitness also anticipates helping bring back parks and recreations for El Monte grade schools.

Ultimately, WolfPack Fitness would like to be deeply rooted in the city, extending a hand to anyone inneed. “We like to make ourselves available for the community… if any organization is trying to make a difference,they can reach out to us and we’d be glad to help.”

Contact WolfPack Fitness at (626) 478-2005; visit them at 3551 Peck Rd El Monte, CA 91731. Instagram @The_WolfPack_Fitness.

-Photo by Amelia Favela

-Photo by Amelia Favela

May 7, 2015

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