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Chirp Karaoke Café Connects Kids and Parents Through Music

Chirp Karaoke Cafe pasadena

Opened in 2014 by entrepreneur Jennifer Gunn, Chirp Karaoke Café is a 3,200 square foot entertainment venue where kids and parents can equally enjoy a time of music, food and fun together. – Courtesy photo

By Emily G. Peters

Who says that karaoke is reserved solely for the tipsy or the tone deaf? Kids can have their moment in the spotlight too—that’s where Chirp Karaoke Café in Pasadena comes in.

Ideal for anyone from casual singers to the next generation of The Voice hopefuls, this ingenious bit of kid-focused fun was contrived by Jennifer Gunn, a chronic entrepreneur and full-time mom to three kids.

“I started Chirp Karaoke Café four years ago because I wanted a fun alternative for a children’s party venue—something more creative; a place where the parents enjoy the party just as much as the kids,” said Gunn. “I worked very hard to make the space pleasing to both kids and adults. I wanted a childlike play on singing, so that is where ‘chirp’ came from—little birdies singing!”

It’s not just about singing, either. Chirp Karaoke Café is a 3,200 square foot hub of entertainment, outfitted with plenty of snacks, foosball, arcade basketball and free Wi-Fi to keep kids busy. “We are mostly a party and event space,” said Gunn, “and we customize each event to the age. So we can do babies, toddlers, teens and even adult events.”

Even dance classes are also offered in the same space throughout the week, with the café also available for private parties, team-building and corporate events for the grown-up crowd.

“In the past few months we have partnered (share space) with a coffee shop, Rosebud Coffee,” explained Gunn. “They operate Mon-Fri then we take over for our events on the weekends.”

Chirp karaoke cafe pasadena corporate events

Along with their services for kids, Chirp Karaoke Café is available for corporate parties and team-building events. – Courtesy photo

For more intimate settings, Gunn has recently added Chirp Mobile, which takes the show on the road for private gatherings.

“With Chirp Mobile we bring the karaoke party to you!” said Gunn. “If hosting an event at home or for an office party, we set up the karaoke event wherever you need.”

For Gunn, the prospect of allowing parents to be a guest at their own children’s party is key part of her business model. A dedicated host or emcee/DJ is on hand for both children’s and teen packages to guide the event with games, crafts, and of course the music. They’ve got an in-house menu (even a taco stand!) available to make the eats a breeze, and setup and clean up are handled by Gunn’s staff. It’s a one-and-done party stop with a musical twist, making party planning a bit easier on parents and office staff alike.

“I love the happiness I give to all who we host,” said Gunn. “If you’ve never visited Chirp before, I would say come book a unique event for anyone in your family and you will not be disappointed.”

Chirp Karaoke Café is located at 2302 E. Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. Contact the team at | 310.801.1002 | and follow along on Facebook @chirpkidskaraoke and Twitter @chirpkids.

February 20, 2018

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