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Business Spotlight

Elevating Scavenging to an Art Form: Maude Woods

By Emily G. Peters

Though named after one, Maude Woods is not your grandmother’s home decor. Each piece in this airy boutique is thoughtfully curated so your home reflects your personal style—not IKEA’s.

Founded by designer Carrie Davich, Maude Woods has its roots in Los Angeles’ fashion design scene. Entrepreneurial at heart, Davich co-owned the popular clothing line L.A. Express for years before turning her attention to raising her children in the Pasadena area. As her family grew, so did her itch to once again dive back into business.

“I stayed home for 17 years and raised three kids, and I don’t regret a second of that decision,” she said. “But when you hit your fifties, if you haven’t been working the entire time you were raising your kid it can be difficult to even get hired.” Yet staying at home indefinitely was never in the cards for the businesswoman. “You can only garden so much. Opening the shop was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done—and totally one of the hardest.”

For Davich, shifting from fashion design to home furnishings was an organic transition. Sundays were spend patrolling Pasadena Rose Bowl’s famous monthly flea market with her sister and friends, where Davich exercised a keen eye to spot unusual finds. Each treasure was then painstakingly reupholstered, refinished and incorporated into her home to bring the item back to life. She followed that knack for interior design right to the bank.

“If I had asked myself all the questions others have asked me about my business plans, etc., I never would have started,” she said. “But you have to take chances in life. You have to go for it.”

Maude Woods is named for Davich’s great-grandmother and supplies a blend of new and vintage pieces, with something to beautify every room in the home. Though Davich continues to prowl the markets for hidden jewels for her patrons, she also carries unconventional international brands from Mexico, Turkey, Italy, South Africa and more. Maude Woods’ items are sold not only on its website, but on One King’s Lane and 1stDibs.com as well. Some pieces are luxe, some are a bargain, and all are something special.

“We have something for everyone,” said Davich. “If you want a gift that you can say ‘you can’t find this anywhere else,’ come to Maude Woods.”

In a cookie-cutter world, Maude Woods represents an unusual beacon of individuality. Unabashedly chic, colorful and with a true appreciation for designs past, Davich has truly elevated scavenging into an art form.

Maude Woods is located at 55 E. Holly Street in Old Town Pasadena. Scoop up your next treasure by contacting them at 626.577.3400 | | www.maudewoods.com and follow them at Facebook @maude.woods.3 and Twitter and Instagram @maudewoodsstore


September 19, 2017

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