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Business Spotlight

Entrepreneurship, Simplified: The Executive Factor

By Emily G. Peters

The “American dream” has many iterations—self-employment chief among them. Yet translating an idea into a marketable business can seem like an insurmountable task for many.

The Executive Factor in Arcadia simplifies that process. Created by U.K. native Andrew Gregson and his wife Tricia in 2010, the couple formed a professional workspace and support system for entrepreneurs on a budget.

“Everyone thinks they can start off working in the spare room at home—but there are too many distractions,” said Gregson. “But working from an office costs a lot of money: the lease, furniture, phone lines, even internet plans want you to agree to a two-year contract. Someone just starting off often can’t afford all of that.”

Many in that situation might settle for a night at the local coffee shop. Yet with these woes in mind, the Gregsons transformed an elegant office into a pay-as-you-go workspace, offering fully furnished suites and meeting spaces outfitted with all the technological trappings needed for a full day on the job. Space can be rented hourly, daily, or on a month-to-month basis. They even provide the services of an in-house receptionist, mailbox services, office equipment along with free parking, full kitchen and unlimited internet access. The result? Something significantly more private and professional than a coffee shop.

With the workspace handled, the next step was to help clients build their businesses.

“We found people using our facilities could use other services: business planning, marketing strategies, staff training—things they don’t have the time to do,” said Gregson.

To assist, The Executive Factor builds business development and marketing tactics to scale, working within the client’s budget. Clients are connected to Gregson’s network of experienced businesses for website development, printing and direct mail services, many of whom are partners gained through Gregson’s involvement with the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce. He credits these relationships with getting The Executive Factor through its first year and driving Arcadia’s economic health.

“We are in charge of our economy. We can’t just rely on the government to do it,” he said. “The whole idea is to support local businesses and help each other. We believe it, we preach it, we speak it, we do it.”

This “it takes a village” approach has enabled a broad array of clients to get ahead, with everyone from creperies to law firms using Gregson’s services. Regardless of their end goal, Gregson views a professional workspace as just one part of what it takes to succeed.

“We are the company we keep,” he said. “Yes, we want to pay our mortgages, but meeting with other business owners who want to help people, getting introduced to others, participating with the Chamber, following through with clients, with your staff—that’s what it’s all about.”

In this era of political and economic uncertainty, one thing is clear for Gregson: small business remains king when it comes to thriving communities. The Executive Factor is doing its part to keep the dream alive and well.

The Executive Factor is located at 255 E. Santa Clara Street, Suite 210 in Arcadia. Contact them at 626.566.2900 | www.executive-factor.com | info@executive-factor.com and follow on Facebook @executivefactor, Twitter @XFactor91006 and LinkedIn.

August 1, 2017

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Emily G. Peters Compulsive writer and champion of all things San Gabriel Valley. I especially love spotlighting local businesses, nonprofits and neighborhood game changers. Got one in mind? Drop me a line at emilygpeters@gmail.com.

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