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A Firm Foundation with The Wizard of Bras

Creative woman the wizard of bras monrovia

Founded by Bonnie Kaufman in 1975 and co-owned by her daughter, Monica Gibson, Creative Woman: The Wizard of Bras offers custom-fitted bras for bodies of all shapes and sizes. – Photo by Emily G. Peters

By Emily G. Peters Want to look and feel better in 2018? You could jump start your new year’s bod with a detailed workout regimen and diet plan—or simply pay a visit to Creative Woman: The Wizard of Bras.”

This bra and lingerie boutique is no stranger to the bra biz, opening its doors more than 40 years ago. Despite competition from online shopping and massive brands like Victoria’s Secret, the shop has stood firm under the leadership of its original founding family.

“Creative Woman started as a small clothing store in in 1975 by Bonnie Kaufman,” said Kaufman’s daughter and the shop’s co-owner, Monica Gibson. “In those first few years customers would ask for a good-fitting bra and where to find one. Within a year, the clothing was mostly gone and bras were the niche we needed to fill.”

Among lingerie, cup-sized swimwear and other foundational garments, The Wizard of Bras specializes in bras and post-mastectomy bras. Visitors have access to personal bra fitting services as well as an on-site seamstress for custom alterations. Service and selection are the hallmarks of The Wizard of Bras brand.

“We have 18,000 bras in stock right now,” said Gibson, “and the widest range of bra sizes available in 28A to a 58O—yes, O!” It’s a variety that significantly outranges even what major brands can offer.

“Other stores can only fit for the stock that they carry,” explained Gibson. “If a D-cup is as large as they sell, their largest customer will always be given a D.”

creative woman the wizard of bras monrovia custom bra fitting

From cup-sized swimwear to post-mastectomy bras, women can shop Creative Woman: The Wizard of Bras online or in-store with access to an onsite seamstress for custom alterations. – Photo by Emily G. Peters

The emphasis on custom bra fitting is timely. A 2014 international study by Swiss lingerie company Triumph reported that approximately 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Moreover, the absence of standardized cup sizes can make self-fitting imprecise at best. The bra size a woman may need can vary widely, based not just on the brand, but the bra’s function (nursing, fashion, exercise, etc.). Expert fitting and access to inventory is one way to achieve the proper fit.

“It isn’t a custom-made bra we offer, but a custom-fit bra. As most women wear the wrong size bra, they come to us because it’s uncomfortable—it rides up, it puckers, they bubble over the top or the sides, or it just hurts,” said Gibson. “Our fitters help each person solve those problems with a bra that doesn’t hurt, fits them, gives good support and makes their clothes fit better.”  The most popular bra option?

“A lined, seamless one,” said Gibson, “either with or without an underwire.”

With nominations as Los Angeles’ best bra shop and 43 years of service under their belt, the family at Creative Woman: The Wizard of Bras has long established the relevance of their services. Just one glance at the iconic bra in their shop window sends a clear message to everyone regardless of their shape or size:
The wizard will see you now.

Creative Woman: The Wizard of Bras is located at 1530 S. Myrtle Ave. in Monrovia, just off the 210 freeway. Contact the shop at | 888.564.9754 | and follow along on Facebook.

January 9, 2018

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