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Homes Fetch Top Dollar With Staged Spaces

Staged Spaces monrovia Jacen Crehan Daniel Coffman

Founded in 2014, Staged Spaces is a staging and interior design firm owned by designer Daniel Coffman and real estate professional Jacen Crehan. – Courtesy photo

By Emily G. Peters

From a quick haircut to a little makeup, we all like to look our best when going out. Staged Spaces in Monrovia applies the same principle to selling homes—polishing properties to their highest shine to close a sale.

The success of staging a home rests on the power of suggestion, enticing viewers with a hypothetical atmosphere that can be theirs for the right price.

“Whether you’re in a condo or a multi-million dollar home, all buyers want to see the space in the best presentation possible,” said Daniel Coffman, one-half of Staged Spaces’ founders along with Podley Properties real estate agent Jacen Crehan. We specialize in bringing a recognizable lifestyle brand to all of our stagings so that there’s an entire in-home experience that happens when potential buyers come for a viewing.”

Founding the company in 2014, Coffman’s design aesthetic blended well with Crehan’s ten-plus years of experience in the home industry. The pair grew Staged Spaces’ services from a garage to their current warehouse location in Monrovia, where clients can shop for pieces used in their staged designs as well as secure staging and design services. It’s a trend that’s considered a smart tactic among real estate agents—and sellers are slowly catching on as well.

staged spaces monrovia arcadia home staging

Along with home furnishings available for retail in their Monrovia-based warehouse, Staged Spaces preps homes to sell at the highest possible price by accentuating their existing assets. – Courtesy photo

“A lot of people are becoming educated that throwing a coat of paint on the walls isn’t enough. They know that staging can not only save them time, but prevent them from wasting money by picking out the wrong items for their home,” said Crehan. And while the pair has seen staging ramp up the asking price for many properties, they’re realistic when it’s not a necessary route.

“We’re upfront with our clients,” said Coffman. “We’ll tell them whether they should use staging or not to save them as much money as possible.”

Curating styles to specific buyers has been a successful tactic for the pair, who stage as well as renovate properties. Their intent is to attract with memorable designs without relying too heavily on trends.

“When renovating, we feel a responsibility to design something that will stick around longer than what all the house-flippers are doing with quick-and-restored homes—something curated for a group of individuals,” said Coffman. “Personally, I strive to develop a timeless design concept because that’s how it ought to be. Good design is good design.”

With Staged Spaces’ annual warehouse sale coming in February 2018, curious interior design enthusiasts can glimpse their aesthetic and snag a special item for their home at a fraction of traditional retail. As winter melts into spring, it’s also a time Crehan and Coffman consider ideal for sellers to utilize staging to bump up the bids.

“Things move fast, so yes your house will sell,” said Crehan, “but if you’re trying to get $20,000 or $30,000 more, nine times out of 10 investing $5,000 in staging will get you there.”

Staged Spaces is located at 135 E. Chestnut Ave., Suite 5B in Monrovia. Contact them at | 626.765.4762 and follow along on Facebook and Instagram @stagedspaces.

December 26, 2017

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