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Rosita’s Studio Brings Art to Your Doorstep

rosita's studio ellie rae hoffman

Named after owner Ellie Rae Hoffman’s grandmother, Rosita’s Studio brings art to your doorstep with traveling art classes suitable for artists of any experience level. – Courtesy photo / Rosita’s Studio

By Emily G. Peters

Owner of Rosita’s Studio, Ellie Rae Hoffman’s first memories of art revolve around her grandmother, for whom her traveling art studio is named.

“My grandma was a ceramicist and a sculptor,” said Hoffman, who created Rosita’s Studio in 2017. “I have very fond memories of sculpting, drawing, and painting with her in the backyard.”

Those days planted the seed for Hoffman’s future career as an artist herself. High school art teacher by day and traveling art instructor by night, Hoffman was inspired to create Rosita’s Studio based on the growing social hour/art class popularity of the last decade. Yet instead of gathering artists at a bricks and mortar location, Hoffman brings the art right to your door.

“The idea is like a Tupperware party meets art class; like a wine and paint night, but more creative and focused on self-expression,” said Hoffman. “I bring all the materials and supplies and you can have cocktails, snacks, whatever you like.”

Rosita's Studio embroidery class

Instead of teaching students how to copy a painting, Rosita’s Studio offers intimate workshops in printmaking, embroidery, weaving, abstract painting and more to help you create an original work of art. – Courtesy photo / Rosita’s Studio

Rosita’s Studio offers affordable classes in a variety of mediums, including Hoffman’s favorite “fiber arts” like embroidery, weaving, and textiles, as well as abstract painting and printmaking. Unlike typical wine and art classes which lead a group through a recreation of an existing work of art, Rosita’s Studio deliberately steers away from that technique.

“As an artist, I’m against the re-rendering of an image because it limits creativity. I think it’s important to give someone the access to materials and allow them to control how they want to do it,” Hoffman explained. “There’s something about a low-stakes class that’s not as intense as a 6-week course that’s attractive to people—and that you get to walk away with a finished product that’s uniquely your own.”

In addition to traveling art classes, Hoffman teaches regular workshops at local storefront Craft in Sierra Madre and Makers Mess in Silverlake. To fuel her inspiration, she continues to develop her personal portfolio and hopes to introduce creative collaborations with other artists.

“One of my good friends, Samantha Oldham-Baum, has a clothing line and we’re talking about doing something together,” said Hoffman. “We’d love to offer a printmaking workshop where you design your own stamp to use on a vintage bag.” She’s also developed courses based on growing interest among her clients.

“With a renewed popularity in tattoos, minimalist figures, and line drawings, I noticed that there was a growing interest in learning to draw with thread,” she said. “That’s how my class ‘Embroidery Forms and Figures’ was created.”

Though most of Rosita’s Studios traveling art classes are one-off experiences, Hoffman favors the concept of someday offering regular courses that build upon an artist’s skills. Ultimately, teaching itself yields its greatest joy simply by helping her clients creatively “let go.”

“People get really attached to artwork at [a] certain stage. You don’t know if you want to push it, don’t know if it’s done or you just started and you don’t know where it’s at,” she said. “So take a picture of whatever you’re working on—and keep going. There’s always developing and uncovering to be had.”

Rosita’s Studio offers traveling art classes across San Gabriel Valley. Learn more at | 626-353-2800 | and follow the studio’s latest offerings on Instagram @rositasstudio.

May 24, 2018

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