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Classic Kickboxing

Classic Kickboxing was founded in 2002 by Mauricio Gonzalez, a professional fighter and multi-title national champion in kickboxing and taekwondo. – Courtesy photo


By Emily G. Peters

It’s official—we’re well into our second quarter of 2017. For those struggling with their resolution to get in shape this year, Classic Kickboxing in Pasadena is in your corner.

This professional gym got its start in 2002 when founder and head instructor Mauricio Gonzalez decided to share his fighting expertise with anyone willing to learn. Now tremendously well-regarded in the professional fighting community, Gonzalez began to master the sport early in life.

“I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia,” said Gonzalez. “Back then it was important to know how to fight, so at a young age in 1979 I began training and competing.”


The atmospheric 6,000 square-foot studio offers access to a regulation-sized boxing ring, 26 punching bags and private weight room. – Courtesy photo


Not one to be limited, Gonzalez also trained and competed in taekwondo and Muay Thai—the latter of which also happens to be taught at Classic Kickboxing. Unlike other studios, the gym tailors its classes to athletes of any skill level, from novices to professional fighters. Regardless of each student’s experience, one thing is certain: they’re in for a killer workout.

“Teaching boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai makes me happy,” said Gonzalez. “It gives me the ability to see our students learning, progressing and living healthier, more active lives.”
The training is, to quote one of Classic Kickboxing’s reviewers, “addicting.” Students can develop a custom-made training program to suit their strengths and weaknesses or join group classes to perfect their sparring, speed and agility as fighters. For its main classes, the studio offers two categories: the eponymous “Classic” training and the “Elite” training programs.

“The Classic Training Program is centered on boot camp-style kickboxing classes, and all experience and fitness levels are welcome,” said Gonzalez. “The Elite Training Program is dedicated to developing technique and taking students’ skills to the next level.” Both programs push students to their physical limits to help them “get in the best shape of their life.”

The pedigree of the instructors is notable. Students seeking world-class training will not be disappointed in Gonzalez and his staff on-coaches.
“I’ve won multiple distinguished titles throughout my career, including two-time Colombian National Taekwondo Champion, two-time Colombian National Kickboxing Champion, U.S. National Kickboxing Champion and U.S. Muay Thai Champion,” explained Gonzalez. “Our coaches are former Olympian athletes, national champions and world champions.”


Classic Kickboxing tailors its classes to suit the experience level of its athletes, offering programs like “Classic” and “Elite” training to sharpen technique and get you in shape. – Courtesy photo


Classic Kickboxing holds its classes in an atmospheric 6,000 square-foot studio, filled with natural light and views of Old Town Pasadena. Students train in a regulation-sized boxing ring (from Million Dollar Baby!) with access to 26 heavy punching bags and private weight room. The environment reflects the studio’s core values of friendliness, cleanliness, and the ultimate goal: to train like a fighter.

“We offer a supportive, welcoming, clean and non-intimidating environment for students of all levels to train comfortably,” said Gonzalez. “Classic Kickboxing is committed to sharpening students’ fight technique while fostering a new, innovative and fun class every time.”

If you’re ready to train like a fighter, Classic Kickboxing is located on the second floor of 91 E. Union Street in Old Town Pasadena. Contact them at (626) 796.6387 | | and get sweaty with the fighters via Facebook and Instagram @ClassicKickboxing.

April 27, 2017

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