‘Giggle Fiber’Acquires Network and Internet/Phone Customers from Champion

A newly formed company, Giggle Fiber, LLC announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the fiber network and related Internet and telephone assets from CBC Holdings, LLC — better known to customers as Champion Broadband.

Their slogan “Giggle Fiber Gigabit Internet, Laughably Better,” is indeed rather clever and the company hopes the transition will be smooth as well as fun for customers.

According to Giggle CEO Dave Haverkate, “We are moving Arcadia and Monrovia into the Gigabit City category. Giggle is investing in major fiber and data center upgrades, greatly increasing the speeds and reliability of the network. All customers are getting free Internet speed upgrades, and this expansion process will continue all year.”

All former Champion Internet and telephone customers are being individually contacted and upgraded at no additional cost to them. Giggle Fiber has also opened a new showcase center in Old Town Monrovia at 512 S. Myrtle Street. On display are Internet enabling hardware from Apple, Xbox, Google, and Roku all connected to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, MLB, and many others.

Champion Broadband is continuing to operate its cable television business, and will seek to retain and expand its current position in the market as the lowest priced provider of high quality television.

Giggle is owned and managed by Dave and Mark Haverkate, long time telecom industry executives, with previous new competitive telecom business startup successes including WOW Internet & Cable, and RCN, Inc. More information is at

New Store now open at 512 Myrtle, Old Town Monrovia – All Customers Get Free Upgrade

About Giggle Fiber: The company name is derived from the bandwidth term gigabit, equal to 1,000 megabits. An ever increasing number of households and businesses are seeking the fastest possible Internet link at a price unbundled from video and telephone, and not linked to promotional contracts that are confusing and become very expensive. The Giggle Fiber service area at the present time is Arcadia and Monrovia, California.
Giggle Fiber can be reached at 626-999-8888, or

August 11, 2014

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