Let’s ‘Fold’ the Coronavirus Out of Existence

Folding@home uses its crowdsourced computing power to run simulations of proteins for researchers to study. – Courtesy photo

Did you know that most of your computer’s and gaming console’s life are spent just idling? With all that technology at your disposal, wouldn’t it be nice if it could solve some of the world’s most complex problems when you’re not using them? Yes, they can!

With distributed computing, this is now possible. What that means is you can take thousands or even a million computers around the globe and network them into a virtual supercomputer.

One of these projects is called Folding@home. This project uses its crowdsourced computing power to run simulations of proteins for researchers to study. They announced in February that it would begin analyzing protons found in the coronavirus behind the pandemic. These proteins can be used to help develop drugs that can combat the virus in an infected human. The more people that are on the Folding@home network, the faster researchers can help find a cure.

If you are interested in donating your spare computer cycles, you can go to to find more information on how to get started.

Tech Rockstars is also offering a $20 discount on any in-store services when joining their folding team. Tech Rockstars can even help you install it on your system. Ready to join the fight and start folding? Tech Rockstars’ Folding@home Team ID is 257217. Let’s Fold together! Share your folding rig by using #TechRockstarsFoldingTeam on social media.

April 2, 2020

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