Arcadia Beautiful Commission Begins Search for WaterSMART Heroes

If you have remodeled your garden with drought-tolerant plants you could win the WaterSMART Hero Award. – Courtesy photo / Susan Harris (CC BY 2.0)

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Efficient water use is a way of life in Arcadia; since water is one of our most precious resources. The WaterSMART Hero Award celebrates those who have taken significant steps to make water conservation a way of life, and by doing so have achieved extraordinary water savings. Judged by the Arcadia Beautiful Commission, this annual program recognizes those who have made lasting changes, both inside and outside of their homes, to be more sustainable and improve water efficiency.

Arcadia is located in a region characterized by dry, hot summers and the local aquifers continue to recover from the last historic drought,” said Jan Shimmin, chairperson for Arcadia Beautiful Commission. “It’s about the community working together to reduce the amount of water wasted and respecting this natural and limited resource.”

To become one of Arcadia’s WaterSMART Heroes, let the Commission know how you are helping to save water by sharing your story. Submit your photos and a brief questionnaire by visiting the city’s website at The deadline to submit your questionnaire is Monday, July 23. The winners of the WaterSMART Hero Award will be recognized at the August 7 City Council meeting where they will receive a yard sign and a gift.

For additional information, please contact Laena Shakarian at or call (626) 574-5434.

July 12, 2018

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