Arcadia High Remembers 9/11

The memorial served as a history lesson for students who had not yet been born when this tragedy occurred. – Courtesy photo / AUSD

By Staff

Arcadia High School continues to remember the bravery, the tenacity, and the strength our nation showed in a moment of true tribulation that took place less than 20 years ago. Nearly 4,000 students and staff from Arcadia High School, Arcadia Unified Board of Education members, administration, and staff gathered together alongside representatives from the Marine Corps, Army, Arcadia Fire Department, and Arcadia Police Department to share in this powerful, emotional history lesson.

This tribute is the one assembly each school year where all students congregate together and fittingly serves as a time to reaffirm the importance of unity. During the memorial, Arcadia High students, many of whom were not yet born when this tragic event occurred, not only honored the memories of those lost but were shown the strength that can be found through resilience and working together in times of strife.

The combined efforts of Arcadia High teachers, administration, and students made this important time for remembrance possible, truly demonstrating the powerful possibilities when people support each other for the good of the whole.

September 12, 2018

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