Arcadia PD is Searching for Explorers

As a member of the Arcadia Police Explorers, teens can gain valuable experience that will help build a rewarding career in law enforcement.
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Volunteer as an Explorer; gain valuable job skills for college and careers

By Monica Sanchez

What’s the best way to launch a career in law enforcement? Well, the Arcadia Police Department has the answer. Arcadia PD encourages youth ages 14 – 18 to join their explorer program.

What is an explorer?

Youth involved with the Arcadia PD explorer program work as volunteers. As an explorer, teens have the opportunity to experience a civilian ride-along. Responsibilities of explorers may include “searches for evidence, report writing, desk officer duties, command post operations, crime prevention surveillance, disaster assistance, crowd and traffic control, security at major events, and other challenging assignments,” according to the City of Arcadia’s website about the program.

Benefits of being an Explorer

Volunteering is the best way to gain valuable experience needed in order to build a captivating resume. While unpaid, volunteering as an explorer can train interested candidates for a career in law enforcement and show them what to expect on the job.

Working in law enforcement requires individuals to represent and maintain a high moral standard. In fact, Michael Thueme, a Police Specialist (Corporal) with the Fayetteville (NC) Police Department, said that “After a short time in the program, many Explorers fully embrace the lifestyle and moral code that is expected of those who wear a law enforcement badge.”

Volunteering is the best career preparation needed to land a job, especially one that insists on following a specific code of ethics. And although volunteering is unpaid, Explorers often earn money for some of their posts. Most importantly, volunteering with the Arcadia PD Explorer program will help teens raise the quality of their college applications when the time comes for them to apply, since college application season is already in the air. (Hint, hint.) And participating in the explorer program has even landed scholarships for some teens!

Arcadia PD’s Explore program offers teens an educational, real-world experience in law enforcement. If you or a teen you know is interested in joining this program, please review the qualifications below:

  • Be at least 14 years of age and in the ninth grade, or 15 (regardless of the grade).
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher in all schoolwork.
  • Pass an oral interview and a background investigation.
  • Have no record of arrest convictions.
  • Undergo a medical examination to qualify for insurance.
  • Be free of any physical deficiencies that would jeopardize yourself or others.
  • Maintain good moral character.
  • Register with Learning for Life (Boy Scouts of America).
  • Demonstrate a willingness to participate in Explorer activities.
  • Attend and graduate from the Explorer Academy.

For more information, please contact Sgt. Stan Flores at Arcadia PD, who supervises the Explorer Program. Interested candidates can reach Sgt. Flores or a member of the Arcadia PD Explorer Coordination Team at (626) 574-5151.

Prospective candidates can also pick up an application from the Arcadia Police Department at the Records Front Desk. Completed applications can be dropped off in person or mailed to:

Arcadia Police Department

Attn: Explorer Program  

250 W. Huntington Drive

Arcadia, CA, 91007

October 26, 2017

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