Arcadia Ring Event Improves Home Security for the Holidays

Residents in Arcadia can easily monitor their home security during the holidays from their phone through Ring security. – Courtesy photo / Ring

By Monica Sanchez

Recently, the City of Arcadia partnered with Ring security products to offer exclusive discounts to the Arcadia community at the Ring Subsidy Event. Ring offers simple and easy installation for home security through the use of a video doorbell and Stick Up Cams to be placed around the perimeter of a house, creating a ring of safety and security. Ring even has an app that allows Ring security users to review their videos from their phone and share pertinent information with the community.

The City of Arcadia decided to partner with Ring security products in order to offer a progressive solution for the growing concern about residential burglaries. There has been significant concern about burglaries in Arcadia this past year. In fact, police blotters within the last few weeks have even reported multiple instances of residential burglaries. The Arcadia Police Department informed the community of break ins into residential homes, including ransacked areas, a smashed rear window, and jewelry theft.

While the weather has little to with the spike in seasonal crime in Arcadia, the holidays themselves may contribute to suspicious activity in residential areas. During the holidays, there is the pressure of gift giving that drives some people to despicable actions. All Pro Bail Bonds cites increased emotions during the holidays too, and “strong emotions can cause people to act erratically.” There’s also the fact that a lot of people travel out of town for the holidays, leaving their homes unoccupied, which LY Lawyers state makes individuals “a prime target for a burglary.”

More than 300 citizens were in attendance at the Ring Subsidy Event, making it a success for the community overall. According to Tom LeVeque, public safety activist, “the city still has subsidies remaining for $100 OFF one Ring device.” If anyone is interested in receiving a discount code for this home security system, please contact the Arcadia Community Affairs Officer Mike Vercillo via phone at (626) 821-2648 or send an email to The code is only given to one individual per household. For more information about Ring home security, visit

Home security doesn’t begin with technology though. It starts with being vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Arcadia Police Department stands by the safety motto: “If you see something, say something.” For more safety and security tips in protecting your home this holiday season, please review APD advice and safety tips.

December 13, 2017

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