Arcadia is Sprucing Up Nicely

City-wide improvements are making Arcadia an even better community to live in. – Photo by Terry Miller / Beacon Media News

By Monica Sanchez

Just in time for the holidays, Arcadia is sprucing up nicely. Finished projects and future plans for city-wide improvements are in full swing. Planning and completing projects for city improvements is no easy feat, but Phil Wray, Arcadia City Engineer, is pleased with the work accomplished so far and upcoming projects for a better Arcadia for all.

According to Wray, the city has been striving to make improvements to road medians. One goal of this large project has already been met. Wray was proud to share that “We just finished our median island re-landscaping project from Michillinda to Baldwin.”

The re-landscaping done to the Michillinda to Baldwin median, and intended for future medians as well, was removal of all turf in the center of the median and replacement of plants with plants that are more drought-tolerant. These improvements are intended to spruce up the beauty of Arcadia’s streets and will make Arcadia a more water-efficient city, this saving the city money for other improvement projects.

Improvements to more medians around the city are coming soon. Wray revealed that the city has the same re-landscaping intentions for the road median on Baldwin to Holly. The city plans to begin this part of the median improvements project next year in the early spring or possibly winter. Improvements to the Baldwin to Holly median will take about a couple of months to complete.

With other planned projects for the future, Wray said it’s a “long stretch but quite a bit happening.” For instance, there’s a project coming up in this year’s budget, but it’s not going to begin until after Summer 2018. This project will entail the rehabilitation of the pavement from Santa Clara to Fifth Avenue and will also include landscaping of some of the parkways and medians, improvements to traffic signals, and adding electrical installations for decorations or other city uses. Wray is unsure of when this planned project will be finished because it’s such a big project and encompasses a lot of details. He estimated that it might take three months, but possibly more time will be needed to complete the work. Although, he believes the project will turn out well due to the budget his team has to work with, a whopping $2 million.

If you would like more information about city-wide improvement projects, please contact City Engineer Phil Wray at (626) 254-2705 or speak directly to Arcadia’s City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto at (626) 574-5401.

November 21, 2017

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