Arcadia Weekly Recap: Local News and Community Events Sent Straight to Your Inbox

- Courtesy photo / Beacon Media News

– Courtesy photo / Beacon Media News

If you fear change, don’t fret! What we’re doing is not as disastrous as climate change. We promise! In this case, change is a good thing. From now on, Arcadia Weekly will be sending out e-newsletters based on city specific news and relevant information. This means you’ll get more trustworthy information about your own city, surrounding neighborhood, and local businesses.

Arcadia Weekly wants to share reliable, trusted, and local news with the community. And we understand that not everybody has time to pick up a physical copy, so we are bringing a solution to better suit your busy lifestyle. Sign up for the Arcadia Weekly Recap free e-newsletter to get the latest updates about events happening in the area sent to your email instead of wasting time searching around.

Why sign up for the Arcadia Weekly Recap?

-Get updates to local events.
-Get free access to city council recaps.
-Get a chance to win our weekly “Name the Game” contest.
-Have more interesting topics to discuss at the next stuffy and uncomfortable dinner party your partner drags you to.
-No spam ever; you can unsubscribe at any time.

Ready to subscribe?

For any questions about the Arcadia Weekly Recap, call us at (626) 301-1010, or email

June 28, 2017

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