Birthday Murder Mystery Dinner Held by Arcadia Historical Society

Inspector Ego directs attendants away from the victim. – Photo by Galen Patterson / Beacon Media News

First-Ever Carol Libby Youth Scholarship Award Earned by Arianna Togelang

By Galen Patterson

Murder and mystery were in the air at the 65th Birthday Mystery Dinner Celebration of the Arcadia Historical Society.

The home of Danish Prince Erik once again teemed with life as nearly 140 friends and patrons of the Arcadia Historical Society gathered to experience an evening of solving the murder of an event staff member in connection with a string of robberies spanning the continental U.S. and extending across national borders.

The evening began with cocktails served in Prince Erik Hall, where a server was struck down by the imagination of writer and caterer Sandi McQuilkin. Without hesitation, Inspector Ego, an appointed detective hot on the trail of a killer, insisted everyone leave the crime scene and proceed to the courtyard of Prince Erik Hall, where dinner awaited them.

Inspector Ego was portrayed by Ego Mikitas, an ethnically Greek actor who was born in Russia and thus often secures roles playing as he calls it “bad guys,” and relished the chance to guide an audience through a historical enactment of a crime scene. “My goal is to create a picture for everyone,” says Mikitas.

Over the next two hours, Inspector Ego publicly interrogated several honored guests who had been named as suspects and were directed to defend their innocence. Some members of the audience who were not named suspects were provided with valuable clues, which they read aloud.

In the end, Inspector Ego decided that all suspects had a role in a local shootout, which had led to the murder of the staff member, and all parties were found guilty and sentenced to death by chocolate.

Jan Shimmin played a suspect known as Ruby Red. “[The event] was a lot more fun and exciting than I had been anticipating, the historical society offer a lot to our community,” she said.

Another noteworthy event of the evening was local high school student, Arianna Togelang, receiving the first-ever Carol Libby Youth Scholarship Award, named after local historian Carol Libby.

November 16, 2017

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