Help for Stuttering is as Close as Your Library Thanks to Arcadia’s Donors

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Thanks to generous donors, the Stuttering Foundation has donated books and DVDs to libraries across the country, including the Arcadia Public Library.

Stuttering Foundation books are directed to parents of children who stutter, adults who stutter, speech pathologists, pediatricians, family physicians, nurses, health care professionals, hospitals, schools, clinics, day-care centers, and all those concerned with the problem of stuttering. The DVDs feature some of the world’s leading therapists with children who stutter. Since the original publication, Foundation materials have reached millions of individuals worldwide.

More than three million Americans stutter, yet stuttering remains misunderstood by most people,” said Jane Fraser, president of The Stuttering Foundation. “Myths such as believing people who stutter are less intelligent or suffer from psychological problems still persist despite research refuting these erroneous beliefs.”

Sixteen books and DVDs produced by the 70-year-old nonprofit Stuttering Foundation are available free to any public library. The Foundation has provided free materials that are available to over 20,000 public libraries nationwide. A library that will shelve them can e-mail

March 16, 2018

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