Highlighting Downtown Arcadia: Boomers Achieve More at Move Your Mountain Fitness

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By Downtown Arcadia Improvement Association

Guest Contributor: Stephanie Aikin

It is my pleasure to be invited by the Downtown Arcadia Improvement Association to guest write an article about my business, Move Your Mountain Fitness (MYMF). My name is Stephanie Aikin. I have been developing MYMF for 16 years and the last 6 of those years we have been doing business in Arcadia, across from the Metro Station on Santa Clara Street.

We are a private by appointment only studio for personal and semi-private fitness training.  Most of our clients are over 55, and demographically known as Leading-edge Baby Boomers (born 1945-1955) or Trailing-edge Baby Boomers (born 1955-1964). There are now more adults over the age of 55 in the United States than ever before – and they make up 80% of our current client base!

At MYMF, we serve adults of all ages, but especially embrace our Boomers and mature exerciser population.  Most mature clients don’t care for the fast-paced, crowded “big box” commercial gyms because they often feel left on the sidelines. I’m happy to say that we have grown a culture that is fun, light-hearted and energizing. We know each and every one of our clients by name and get plenty of good work done while encouraging laughter and banter. Clients often tell us that “there are not many places like this for us”.

As we work with clients, we chat with them about their weekends and ask what they look forward to doing in the coming months. This is more than just idle chatter as talking helps us learn about the everyday physical challenges they face and how we can create thoughtful exercise programs to help them achieve more.

We realize the uniqueness of every client and that not everyone has the same needs, goals or aspirations. Some people we train just want to be able to keep up with their travel tour group, while others are master athletes who hike and bike in our local mountains. Some clients simply desire to be able to care for and play with their grandchildren, or act as caregiver to their aging parents or siblings. We offer this diverse group of Boomers and mature exercisers functional training programs that include strength, speed, agility, balance and nutritional guidance. Additionally, we provide restorative exercise.  We even have a program that helps clients re-learn how to get up and down off the floor, which is one of my favorite skills to teach!

Research shows that setting and pursuing health and fitness goals, at any age, leads to a higher quality of life.  At Move Your Mountain Fitness, we consider ourselves an advocate for Boomers and exercising at all ages.  Whatever your age, we encourage you to stop by and check us out for yourself.

Move Your Mountain Fitness is located on the South East corner of 1st and Santa Clara St. at 120 E. Santa Clara St. Phone (626) 447-1049, Web:

April 3, 2018

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