Protecting Your Home: Tips from APD

Burglaries have been increasing during the holiday season, but APD has some tips for Arcadia to deter this kind of criminal activity. – Courtesy photo

See something? Say something!

By Monica Sanchez

It’s no secret that Arcadia has suffered from a string of attempted burglaries and home invasions over the past few years. There have even been complaints of multiple invasions of the same home.

Burglaries are especially a cause for concern during the holidays. According to Tom LeVeque, public safety activist, there has been an “uptick in in Residential Burglary reports during the holidays.” Unfortunately, this is a time when people feel most desperate and resort to terrible decisions that harm others.

Throughout the year and during the holidays, it’s important to remember that Arcadia Police may not arrive to the scene of the crime in time, as there are a number of calls and responsibilities they must respond to. Although they will do their best to arrive promptly, the Arcadia Police Department (APD) encourages citizens to follow recommended safety guidelines in order to protect their homes, families and themselves.

To stay safe during the holidays, APD News & Information Blog says:

  • YOU are your biggest asset.
    • “One of the most important pieces to this puzzle is the resident. It is very important to discourage the would be thief and make their job as difficult, time consuming, and as noisy as possible.”
  • Lock up!
    • “Close and lock your windows and doors! Thieves look for an easy target.”
    • Lock your garage door. Thefts from garages are common and it offers ready access to pry tools.”
    • “Use window stops/pins to prevent windows and sliding doors from being opened.”
  • Be neighborly.
    • Be familiar with cars, faces and who belong in your neighborhood.”
  • Keep up appearances.
    • “Maintain your home and make it looked lived in. Arrange for care if you leave on vacation.”
    • “Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed so that windows and doors are visible.”
    • Leave lights or the radio on when you leave.
  • Alert the community
    • “Get an ALARM. Even simple alarms that are not connected to a central system are a deterrent.”
    • “Watch for and REPORT suspicious persons and activity. Most arrests that are made for burglary are not from a report by an alarm company, but rather from a local resident. If you see someone that does not belong in your neighborhood or on a neighbor’s property, call the police.”

Most importantly, don’t enter your home if the area looks disheveled and askew from when you last left it. Call APD immediately and wait for officers to search the area for you. The best recommended course of action is if you see something, say something!

If you would like more information about safety tips concerning home burglaries, please contact Brian Ortiz at (626) 574-5181. Or you can stay informed on criminal activity in your area through

In the midst of twinkling lights and holiday cheer, let’s remember to lock up and stay safe Arcadia.

November 16, 2017

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