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The City of Arcadia’s mass emergency notification system, Alert Arcadia, enables the City to provide important information to you quickly during time-sensitive or emergency situations.

The City will send messages to you primarily in crisis situations, such as fire, earthquake, severe weather, or other similar local emergencies. Messages may include safety alerts and directions on what to do, shelter locations, and evacuation orders.

Once signed up, you will receive time-sensitive messages in ways you customize and specify, including home phone (landline or VoIP), cell phone, work phone, text message, or email.

In addition, if you own an Apple or Android device, you can also view City messages and manage your account settings through a free app called Blackboard MyConnect.

You decide the best ways for the City to alert you and who the City should alert. For example, you may add the contact information of your children or relatives, whether or not they live in Arcadia. Alternatively, family members may register

If you have any additional questions, or if you need assistance signing up for Alert Arcadia, please call the Fire Department at (626) 574-5100 or email us at

February 11, 2017

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