Arcadia Weekly – 1/5/16

January 5, 2017

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  1. David Kading says:

    Can’t read the on line edition. Can’t select a single page to read, there are two pages on the screen. Can’t scroll down the page. Why have you made the on line edition impossible to read without a magnifying glass? Why don’t you respond and print a reason for this mistake? PLEASE RESPOND or tell me how to obtain single pages.

  2. Don Boobyer says:

    A suggestion for your website. I encountered two pop-up offers to subscribe to your newsletter. The options were yes and no. You need a third option, already subscribed/entered. Especially since I came to you website via the newsletter.

    • Thanks for the notice. We have changed the parameters of the subscription pop-up, so you should not be seeing both sign-up forms anymore. Thanks for subscribing and good luck!

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