Arcadia Unified Launches Mental Health Mondays

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As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, the Arcadia Unified School Districts (AUSD) has decided to launch Mental Health Mondays. Each Monday, for the remainder of the school year, AUSD will provide mental health resources to help support everyone navigating the coronavirus pandemic and school closures simultaneously. In addition to helping support students, these resources are also available to AUSD parents, staff, and community.

The first two resources AUSD is providing are “10 Self-Care Strategies for Teens” and “Teen Guide to Mental Health and Wellness.” The graphics include techniques and strategies for anxiety and depression, websites and apps to help with coping, and hotlines that can be utilized to seek further assistance if needed.

In a message to parents district officials encouraged solidarity in these difficult times.

“Please know that you are not alone. We are here for you, and please continue to be there for each other. If you need someone to talk with about how you are feeling, please reach out to a friend, family member, AUSD teacher, AUSD staff, AUSD counselor or administrator, or utilize one of the resources provided. We have seen so much love and support during these trying times when our schools have been closed, and have been inspired by so many people willing to help. Please continue to do so. Even if you’re not in need of any support yourself, please think of someone who might. Reach out to them by text, phone, or video. Simply say hello, check-in, offer support, or just share a laugh and a line of comfort. Our schools are physically closed, but our hearts remain wide open.” 

Every Monday, the district will share resources for mental health wellness through email and on its social media sites. Parents and students can use #MentalhealthmondaysAUSD on social media to join the conversation.

May 5, 2020

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