Crimson Pipeline Contributes to STEM Program at Local School

Pipeline Company Donates in Support of Lake View Elementary School’s Family Rocket and Engineering Night

Crimson Pipeline donated $2,500 to Lake View Elementary School to support Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) program for the next school year. The donation was presented at the school’s Family Rocket and Engineering Night, a yearly event that brings students and their families together to have hands-on fun with STEM learning. The much needed funds will help ensure that Lake View Elementary School students have the resources they need to flourish.
More than 100 Lake View students attended this year’s Family Rocket and Engineering Night held last night, and parents, siblings and others joined in on the fun as well. Together, attendees participated in a variety of engineering activities at the event, all aimed at integrating the STEM education that students receive in the classroom with real world applications. Students launching rockets that they personally customized and families working together to build towers with everyday household items were just a few of the STEM focused activities that took place at the event. The Ocean View High School Robotics Team was on hand to spend time with the students, plus school representatives, including Lake View’s principal and numerous teachers were also in attendance.
“Crimson Pipeline is dedicated to raising awareness about pipeline safety and doing what we can to support Science Technology Engineering and Math programs in local schools,” said Larry Alexander, president of Crimson Pipeline. “It is important to our industry and our state’s economy that we have a highly educated workforce and we are happy to help Lake View Elementary School in their quest to train the next generation of engineers.”
Crimson’s participation in Family Rocket and Engineering Night follows a presentation from the company’s School Outreach Program. Crimson representatives recently visited Lake View to provide information about the pipeline industry and raise awareness about the importance of pipeline safety. The presentation was to the students in the school’s third, fourth and fifth grade engineering program. Crimson also brought along employees to discuss their experiences working in the engineering field.
“We appreciate Crimson Pipeline taking the time to provide important safety information and bring engineers to our school to help students understand that what they are learning in school can translate to the workplace,” said Anna Dreifus, principal at Lake View Elementary School. “As a model school for Science Technology Engineering and Math education, partnerships like this one are important for providing real life examples and information about what we teach every day.”
Crimson has been conducting presentations at elementary and middle schools throughout Southern California to teach students about the 811/Dig Alert program. Pipelines can be located anywhere, including under streets or sidewalks, or in the front or back yards of private residences. For this reason, it is vital that students, parents, and all members of the community, know the importance of pipeline safety and the necessary steps that need to be taken, including calling 811/Dig Alert, before beginning any digging project. Crimson’s School Outreach Program supplements the company’s year-round public awareness program that ensures the safety of the public, preserves the environment, and protects public property.
Additional schools that are interested in arranging a School Outreach Program presentation on pipeline safety can contact Courteney Nojiri at or by phone at (562) 285-4144. For more information about Crimson’s pipeline safety practices, please click here.
About Crimson Pipeline
Crimson Pipeline is an integral and reliable operator in California’s vast oil pipeline network. The company safely operates approximately 700 miles of pipeline, traversing 39 cities and four counties in Southern California. These pipelines move crude oil that is the foundation for many products crucial to everyday life, including fuel for cars and heating oil for homes. For more information on Crimson, visit:

June 9, 2014

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