Dodgers Visit Arcadia’s Camino Grove Elementary School

It was nothing but blue at Camino Grove Elementary School recently, proving the power of the pen is truly inspirational. A day after the Dodgers lost in the World Series, the entire fifth grade class was given a homework assignment they will likely never forget. The task: write the Los Angeles Dodgers a hand-written letter to congratulate the team on another remarkable season and maybe try and lift their spirits a bit after the tough loss. The Roadrunners hit the assignment out of the park.

The fifth grade class wrote letters to the Dodgers after their loss at the World Series. – Courtesy photo / AUSD

The Dodgers were delighted to receive the letters, many accompanied with detailed illustrations and baseball artwork. The team was so inspired and impressed, they had Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen, Joc Pederson, and Manager Dave Roberts read some of the letters for the team’s annual holiday video. By way of an additional surprise, Greg Taylor and Erick Vazquez from the Dodger’s Video Production team visited Camino Grove to debut the video and interview the students to capture their reaction while watching the video for the first time. The nearly 100 students who took part in this assignment were also given Dodgers hats and shirts.

January 3, 2019

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