Let Your Imagination Fly – Arcadia Council PTSA Reflections


Arcadia Council PTSA Reflections Program. – Photo by Chris Robin

By Jonathan Tsou

It is invigorating to think about what would happen if you let your imagination fly.

On Dec. 2, 15 Arcadia High School students and 44 Arcadia middle school and elementary school students were recognized by the Arcadia PTSA Council. The event celebrated the winners of the Let Your Imagination Fly reflection arts program.

Each year, the National Parent Teacher Association hosts a national reflections art program. Using the program, talented students from around the nation can gain recognition and earn scholarships. Since the beginning of the PTSA Reflections in 1969, millions of students across the nation have taken part in this program. The program allows individuals to find joy in the exploration and in the creation of their very own original entry.

This year, students were able to be honored in six different art categories: film, music composition, literature, visual arts, dance choreography and photography. Unfortunately, Arcadia High School did not have any student attempt the dance choreography category and therefore only five of the six arts categories were honored. However, Tiffany Hsu, from Hugo Reid Elementary School did submit an entry and received first place for the intermediate level.

The Arcadia PTSA president, Vicky Stiles, said that the PTSA Reflections program help support the arts and music in school and in education. She indicated that she is very grateful that Arcadia Unified School District has shown continued support for the numerous art programs in Arcadia Schools. She also believes that the program is underrated by many students, even though it allows students a lot of options to contribute and express themselves.

Near the end of the event, Arcadia PTSA announced that the 2016 – 2017 reflection theme will be, What is Your Story.

The Arcadia High School winners are as followed:

Literature: 1st Place – Victoria Resse, 2nd Place – Vivian Tam, 3rd Place – Frances Austria, and Honorable Mention – Hannah Jian.

Musical Composition: 1st Place – Paul Mekailian, 2nd Place – Tiger Ma, 3rd Place – Jonathan Myers.

Photography: 1st Place – Amanda Wong, 2nd Place – Hester Liu, 3rd Place – Darius Jing.

Film Production: 1st Place – Caroline Chen

Visual Arts: 1st Place – Eileen Chen, 2nd Place – Yinue Xu, 3rd Place – Isaac Xu, Honorable Mention – Tessa Holdzmann.

For more information on the PTA Reflections or how the theme is selected visit the PTA Reflections website. For photos from the PTA Reflection Council, taken by AUSD Digital Communication Intern, Naomi Silver, visit AUSD Facebook page.

Courtesey Photo

Visual arts category winners. – Photo by Chris Robin

December 8, 2015

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