USC Creates Opportunities for Talented Students in Local Communities

AUSD Digital Communications Interns pose in front of the historic Tommy Trojan at their trip to USC’s yearly high school journalism day. – Courtesy photo

By Michael Tseng

Last month, the Arcadia Unified School District Digital Communications Interns (AUSD DCI) visited the University of Southern California (USC) for high school journalism day. Each student, well versed and dedicated to the art of journalism and communications, were able to learn about the basics/importance of community journalism, social issues/activism, and experience the school’s foundation and deep resources. In addition, current students and professors shared their views of modern day journalism, experiences in the workforce, and opportunities that USC provides. As DCI member Nadine Kong says,

“High school journalism day was pretty awesome. We had the chance to participate in four informative workshops that cover a variety of topics in journalism. I’ve been exposed to the many different facets of the journalism industry thanks to this event.”

High School journalism day is just one of the many outreach programs that USC hosts. Other events, such as the USC Day of Service, bring in students from the surrounding Los Angeles area to promote higher education, and an interest in different jobs/careers. As a top-ranking school, USC hopes to be the trailblazer that will inspire a generation of youths to participate in community research/volunteer, as well as revolutionize the modern world.

The private university offers summer and year-round programs in almost every profession, ranging from journalism, business, engineering, and even public health. One particular free summer program, the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism Youth Academy, recruits twenty-six high achieving students during the summer of 2017 to learn about politics, civic engagement, and working as a multimedia journalist. There, students can perform research along professors, or those who have made their name within the media world. The resources that the school provides are seemingly endless, and students are free to access multi-million-dollar facilities. The program is still being offered to students this summer and currently has active members doing journalistic work.

In fact, programs in other majors offer the same benefits and resources. For instance, the USC Viterbi School of Engineering SHINE program offers ambitious students from all over the nation access to the thoughts of world-renowned researchers and state-of-the-art technology. It is without a doubt that USC wishes to nurture the best students possible, and provide avenues towards success.

To students who have a drive to improve, learn, and utilize their skills in real life, USC is quite literally a municipality of educational growth. Arcadia Unified School District’s DCI has already taken that opportunity, allowing its students to unlock their potential and take a step forward into their professional careers. Programs and community outreach events such as these help create bonds between the university and local communities, while also bringing the best students together and giving them the resources they need to cooperate and perform humanitarian research.


March 6, 2018

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