Woodcraft Rangers Gives Kids the Tools They Need to Succeed

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– Woodcraft Rangers and the Learn to Read, Read to Learn Program help young students achieve their goals –

Reading is an essential skill to have and creates an abundance of opportunities for younger generations to obtain. With the importance of these tools to acquire, Woodcraft Rangers NVISION programs partner with Curacao Stores to give students at Pacific Elementary the chance to gain and develop their reading skills through the Learn to Read – Read to Learn Program. Every day after school, Woodcraft Rangers’ NVISION club leaders walk students over to the Curacao store in Huntington Park to instruct young kids to learn how to read through various literacy strategies and reading games to keep the students engaged.

The Learn to Read-Read to Learn program is developed to engage students in need through motivational activities imbedded into the program to give them confidence and self-esteem to excel. With many parents working and trying to find time to help their kids develop these skills, Woodcraft Rangers can step in and create that safe and educational environment for the kids to flourish in their academics. The goal is to work towards building the student’s self-esteem and confidence when faced with challenges in order to have them graduate from high school.
When families and communities are struggling financially and students are falling behind academically, the need for after school programs are critical. With the Learn to Read-Read to Learn initiative, Woodcraft Rangers helps fill in that struggle and instill academic skills that will help the kids grow.
Woodcraft Rangers Chief Executive Officer Chris Johnson says, “Reading is imperative and we engage with our students to give them the best opportunity to succeed. By supporting and giving the kids the confidence they need, their future will look a lot brighter.” Woodcraft Rangers NVISION offers free afterschool programs that keep kids safe, inspire learning and help working families.
Having a strong a history of youth development for over 92 years, Woodcraft Rangers alumni know the impact the program has had in their lives. Woodcraft Rangers NVISION programs continue to serve over 15,000 kids annually throughout the greater Los Angeles area through after school programs and summer camps.
For further information contact, (213) 249-9293 or To learn more about Woodcraft Rangers go to

Woodcraft Rangers is a nonprofit, tax-exempt California corporation under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

November 13, 2014

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