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Cal Phil Supporters Protest Arboretum Foundation’s Decision

protesters support Cal Phil outside the Arboretum Saturday - Photos by Terry Miller

Approximately 50 musicians, supporters and friends of Cal Philharmonic made their voices heard Saturday morning
waving placards and other signs showing their collective disapproval of the decision

The Arboretum Foundation has made in selecting Pasadena Pops over Cal Phil for the 2012 Summer Concert series.
Cal Phil directors held a press conference describing their confusion over the Arboretum’s plans .

Victor Vener talks to the media about the latest developments Saturday morning _ Photo by Terry Miller

More details to come Monday.

April 30, 2011

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  1. Elyse Cook says:

    Why move the PASADENA Pops to ARCADIA? They have their own home City to play in. The CALIFORNIA PHIL has its home in Arcadia. It is the orchestra of the community of Arcadia.

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