Hospital Receives $4 Million Gift for ER

Hospital Receives $4 Million Gift for ERLast week, philanthropists Tom and Bea Hollfelder have made a $4 million gift to The Campaign for Methodist Hospital. To date, this is the largest outright gift made by individual donors in the hospital’s 106 year history.
“In our opinion, Methodist Hospital is a very well-run organization that is looking toward the future and is providing the same spirit of caring to patients and their families that we experienced when we first came here 20 years ago,” Tom Hollfelder said. “That our gift would be wisely and effectively used was important to us.”
In recognition of their donation, the first floor of the new hospital tower will be named the Hollfelder Emergency Care Center, which is scheduled to open in 2012. This center will serve up to 50,000 patients per year, doubling the capacity that the current emergency room was originally designed to serve.
The cornerstone of the plan is a nearly 155,000 square foot patient care tower, which includes the Hollfelder Emergency Care Center and will also house critical care units as well as three floors for medical and surgery patient care.  The state-of-the-art facility will utilize advanced medical technology and information systems.
The Hollfelder’s first-hand experience at Methodist Hospital more than 20 years ago spurred their decision to support the hospital’s current campaign. In 1987, the Hollfelders’ youngest daughter, Carol, suffered life threatening injuries in an accident and was airlifted to Methodist Hospital. After several surgeries and follow-up care, Carol was well enough to return home and the Hollfelders are still grateful for the care received in their time of need.
“Like so many others whose lives have been touched by the skilled and compassionate care of Methodist Hospital, the Hollfelders have found a way to express their gratitude in a thoughtful and meaningful way for generations to come,” said Sue Francis, foundation president. “It is the kind of investment that will ensure the continuation of top quality care at the hospital.”
The Hollfelder Emergency Care Center will play an integral part in the hospital’s ability to serve the community in the years to come. The expansion in the emergency room has become increasingly important after two acute care hospitals in the San Gabriel
Valley closed, resulting in added pressure on Methodist Hospital’s emergency room. The additional beds in the emergency room should decrease wait time in emergency rooms throughout the region.
“Our emergency department’s ability of quick evaluation and rapid treatment is critical to the 500,000 people living in the San Gabriel Valley,” said Francis, “But as demand for emergency care in our community grows, we cannot continue providing this vital care without proper funding and resources.”

June 18, 2009

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