In gratitude for your heroism March 12, 2011 – Santa Anita Honors John Shear

John Shear accepts a special award from the executives at Santa Anita - Photo by Terry Miller

The statue of John Henry is inscribed ” In gratitude for your heroism March 12, 2011 ” was given to John Shear after the third race at Santa Anita Saturday Oct 1, 2011.
The Sierra Madre resident saved a young girl’s life when a horse bolted in her direction back in March-The quick thinking 90- year old British native
place himself in harms way to save the child and Shear ended up with serious injuries as a result.

Shear was HONORED after the 3rd race - Photo by Terry Miller

The staff and doctors at Huntington Memorial Hospital were amazed at how well the now 91 year old recovered from such life threatening injuries. When asked by Director of Publicity Mike Wellman Saturday at Santa Anita waht his secret was…Shear quipped that it was good clean living ” I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I exercise every day.”

Photos by Terry Miller

photo by Terry Miller

Photos by Terry Miller - Copyright 2011 Beacon Media Inc

October 1, 2011

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