Week Three Computer Giveaway Winner!

jacky-kwok-gets-a-new-linux-machineThis week’s winner of the Beacon Media/Priceless Computer Back to School Giveaway was Jacky Kwok, a seventh grader from First Avenue Middle School in Arcadia. Jacky’s essay was one of the most creative – and downright fun to read – that we’ve received since the contest began in early August.

Jacky’s parents were happy to learn about the pre-installed OpenOffice software suite, saying that their son needed to prepare presentations for school and did not have the right software. Now Jacky is all set.

Click on “Computer Giveaway App!” at the top of the screen to submit your essay. Or just click HERE.

We’re only three week’s into this program, and we’re not stopping anytime soon!

You can read Jacky’s essay in its entirety below. Looks like we’ve got a budding young Ray Bradbury on our hands here!

In the year 2096, the computer technology department had made their mission a success; they made a computer chip that never breaks down. They named it Very Independent and Reliable Utility Servant (VIRUS). What they didn’t know was that computers and such accessories had minds of their own. So, when they put VIRUS in a computer named Computer Reliable for All Supplementary Honing and Experimental Devices (CRASHED), VIRUS was indignant of being forced to team up with a device that it didn’t know. CRASH was a computer that had been fixed many times and had known many devices. The scientists put a virus named For Experiments Viruses Exist for a Reason (FEVER) in CRASHED. FEVER was surprisingly strong and CRASHED thought that it was done for.

Then, a volunteer teenager used CRASHED for his homework, games and other business (with an excuse to his teachers). CRASHED couldn’t handle it. The labor, virus and problems it had were too much. It had a lot to do, many internet problems, and one large FEVER. There were sites that were disconnected, and the teenager was demanding it to deliver the sites to him. Finally, CRASHED literally crashed and repulsive messages appeared uninvited to the screen, the background randomly changing colors. VIRUS was just trying to work, trying to fix up CRASHED. Nothing worked. Steam puffed out from CRASHED, and FEVER was rapidly growing stronger. Then, a scientist pulled the stunned teenager back, yelling, ‘It’s going to blow!’ Then, BOOM! CRASAHED exploded from existence while FEVER made CRASHED crashed.

After everyone recovered from the wreck, the teenager was sent back to school, and the scientists either wrote down what happened or searched for VIRUS. And in Cyber-heaven, CRASHED and VIRUS were both thinking. ‘I’d never trust a human being again if I were still alive’ and the FEVER inside CRASHED enthusiastically said, ‘That was fun! Let’s do it again some time!’

So, you see, this fictional story I made up has some of the problems that my computer at home have. I am just a kid, so I have homework to do, and some of it requires a computer to help me. But my computer sometimes has problems with the internet. Sometimes the sites I have to go to are disconnected or something else goes wrong. Also, the computer sometimes crashed like CRASHED did. Luckily, they don’t have virus that are very strong like FEVER, but sadly, they don’t have a computer chip that never break down like VIRUS.

I don’t know if modern technology can think, though. Sorry. So, I want to have a new computer, I need it to do my homework. My parents’ computer is quite old but they have no intention to buy a new one as this one is still working. I hope I can get my own new computer for my new school year, so I do not need to go to the library to do my homework like last year. That’s all. Hey! Is that FEVER in my computer????????

Jacky Kwok
First Avenue Middle School, Grade 7
Arcadia, CA

September 30, 2009

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