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Meat District Co. Hooks Up Pasadena with an Exciting New Dining Experience

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And Addictive ‘Paddock To Plate’ Inspired Menu!

The Meat District Co., an exciting new restaurant that aims to re-awaken the senses with a mouthwatering ‘paddock to the plate’ inspired menu and one-of-a-kind dining experience, is set to open its first location in Pasadena, CA mid-August 2014.


A modern nod to old-school butchers and a time when beef came from a farm, not a factory, Meat District Co. prominently displays clear refrigerated cases revealing hanging cured meats and an open kitchen that invites guests to witness the Chef’s mastery of the art of charcuterie.

Working in partnership with some of America’s most sustainable producers, Meat District Co. delivers unique quality and sumptuous dishes made of 100% natural ‘Never Ever’ (hormone, steroid and antibiotic free), beef burgers and prime steer steaks as well as ribs, free range chicken and succulent Lamb Pull and Pork Shoulder, both slow roasted to perfection.

All ‘Never Ever’ beef options are seasoned and grilled with the Meat District Co.’s signature baste and spices. The ½ pound juicy burgers range from the classic American Ol’ Faithful Burger to the trendy Truffle Burger and the beguiling Surf & Turf Burger. The something-for-everyone menu also includes a variety of Chicken Burgers, an Ahi Tuna Burger, Salmon Burger and Vegetarian Burger.

Filling the elusive void for diners who seek high-quality steak meals at reasonable prices, Meat District Co. offers a sizzling selection with options that begin at $18.00. Included on the menu are The Petite Fillet – 7 oz aged natural Angus tenderloin, The Flat Iron – 12oz Natural choice from Niman Ranch, The Sirloin – 11oz natural coulette from Niman Ranch, The Rib-Eye – 12oz aged yearling choice special and the house specialty, The Porter House, which is available in both a 12oz and 20oz cut of aged Hartley Angus.

Adding to the addictiveness is a special selection of culinary creative starters, sides and desserts as well as fresh salad selections such as the Shogun, hailed as Meat District Co.’s health salad, made of crunchy cabbage and chopped apple with spring onion, toasted almonds, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds with crispy noodles and homemade dressing. Craft beer and wine are also available at the Meat District Co.

Located in the heart of Old Pasadena at 69 North Raymond, Meat District Co. collaborated with design firm DS17 to create an enticing blend of old-school charm and contemporary style in an open yet rustic space, evoking a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where guests are encouraged to eat, drink, relax and “let the addiction begin.”

Stay up to date on what’s cooking at Meat District Co. by visiting www.meatdistrictco.com and like us onfacebook.com/MeatDistrictCoPRG.

For further information on Meat District Co., to schedule a time to speak with Meat District Co. principals or to schedule a time to visit the restaurant and bar for media reviews, please contact Lauren Lewis at818.970.0052 or llewispr@aol.com.

August 7, 2014

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