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Business Profile: ChapCare El Monte

-Photo by Amelia Favela

-Photo by Amelia Favela

By Amelia Favela

“Healthy People, Strong Communities” is the mission of Community Health Alliance of Pasadena (ChapCare). Noted as the largest healthcare center in the San Gabriel Valley by having the most facilities, ChapCare puts its belief into practice by providing many uninsured and underserved areas with high-quality medical care that naturally makes for stronger communities. EL Monte residents can experience these beneficial services first-hand as the city has two locations, ChapCare Vacco in South El Monte and ChapCare Garvey, both of which are 100 percent renovated to adhere to the private doctor atmosphere and design that ChapCare heeds to.

Filled with the latest equipment, the El Monte ChapCare facilities offer health services for the entire family. From women and men’s health to pediatric, each member of the household can receive care for vision, dental, and overall healthcare needs. Anyone suffering from mental health can also get assistance at either of the El Monte ChapCare centers, as they offer therapy along with other behavioral health services.

Photo by Amelia Favela

-Photo by Amelia Favela

ChapCare makes many efforts to integrate into the El Monte community by working with different city organizations, schools, and hospitals. Such as partnering with Mt. View School District to coordinate health insurance enrollment for students and their parents, as well as hosting on-campus events to better reach those who are unaware of the medical services available to them. The Greater El Monte Community Hospital also partners with ChapCare to coordinate pre-natal services for pregnant and nursing women.

With the challenge of competing with many condensed medical centers throughout El Monte, ChapCare has formed a special outreach team that connects with the city on various levels. “We make every effort to connect with the community as much as possible,” said Marketing Supervisor Kevin Reed. The team works with the city’s Chamber of Commerce, the El Monte Coordinating Council, and different city sponsors. The El Monte ChapCare outreach team also attends different community events to communicate directly with city residents.

ChapCare. -Courtesy Photo

ChapCare. – Courtesy Photo

ChapCare Vacco and ChapCare Garvey hold year-round Enrollment Shops that serve as a healthcare one-stop shop. Community members can come to either El Monte facility during the Covered CA open enrollment period (Oct.-Feb.) to be guided through the simple process of getting health insurance. Certified healthcare enrollers are on-site ready to get both documented and undocumented visitors on board with the insurance that’s right for them. Whether it’s Medi-Cal, Medicare, or My Health LA, the Enrollment Shop has something for everyone. Life changes that affect one’s policy can also be submitted through the ChapCare’s enrollment program March-September.

Photo by Amelia Favela

-Photo by Amelia Favela

A main goal and future vision of ChapCare is to encourage all communities to be proactive. “Preventative care can reduce maintenance care and ultimately save money in the long run,” said Reed. “We want to help people understand the importance of getting the regular checkups that are now available to them through the affordable care act.”

Visit ChapCare Vacco at 10408 Vacco St. Suite A, South El Monte, CA 91733, or ChapCare Garvey at 10127 Garvey Ave. El Monte, CA 91733.

September 9, 2015

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